What Is Signature Surveys? A Scam or Legit? MUST READ!



What is Signature Surveys? A scam or legit? I’ve heard a lot of people asking this question online, so it got me interested. I’ve done a lot of paid surveys in the past, so I was wondering, just like you, whether this platform is worthwhile or not.

Let’s take a good look at Signature Surveys and uncover the truth about this site…



What Is Signature SurveysCompany Name: Signature Surveys

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Signature Surveys Reviews ~



The thing I really love about the internet – apart from the fact that it never sleeps – is it’s opened the doors to so many opportunities and ways to make money in your spare time from the comfort of home. And we all have access to a global marketplace.

The downside of making money online is the fact that there are many scammers out there, just lurking and waiting to take peoples’ money for some dodgy scheme. We all need to be wary and weed out the bad stuff so we can find the good stuff.

I saw a lot of chatter about Signature Surveys and people saying it was some sort of survey scam, so I decided I’d take a closer look and write a review on what I discovered.

This website of mine focuses a lot on product reviews, whether they be for make money schemes, or training that claims to show you ways to make money online. I write reviews so we can all make better decisions and avoid scams.

There are loads of ways to make money on the internet. Surveys is one of them, but even surveys are prone to scammers, so we all need to be careful.

The very fact that you’re reading this review shows you’re careful and do your research before joining anything. Chances are you’ll never get scammed.

Let’s now see if Signature Surveys is any good, or a scam like so many are saying.


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What Is Signature Surveys?

These days there are so many paid survey platforms online. Over the years I’ve been a member of quite a few, as well as writing reviews on countless others. While most are legit, some are really dodgy and not what they appear to be.

The idea of surveys is to get willing participants to help companies conduct important market research for products and services. The survey platform will act as the link between businesses needing research, and people who want to make a few dollars filling out surveys in their spare time.


What Is Signature Surveys


So is this what Signature Surveys does? Is it a regular paid survey platform, or is it something else entirely?

The website doesn’t really give away much information. We don’t know who owns it or what the history is. Their contact page does list an address in Brooklyn, New York, but that’s about all we know about Signature Surveys.

The platform attempts to lure people into joining up by offering a $5 bonus upon sign up, with the promise of the possibility of winning a further $20. This is just for joining.

Along with offering surveys to complete, Signature Surveys also says they offer product testing, where you get paid to test a product, and often get to keep the product.

You can also complete offers and trials to earn rewards, as well as refer others to the platform and get more bonuses for that.

At first glance the website just looks like your typical, everyday paid survey site. The problem is, when I dug a little deeper into it, I discovered it’s anything but a normal paid survey platform like others I’ve been a part of or have reviewed.

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How Signature Surveys Works

When you first join a survey platform, apart from creating an account, they always ask you a series of questions to answer, so they can better match you up with relevant surveys and so on.

Signature Surveys starts out looking normal in its processes, but after you’ve submitted your basic information, everything begins to change course.

What happens is they divert you to a survey to fill out so they can learn more about you, which on the surface seems like the regular approach. However, when you arrive at the “survey”, it’s not really a survey at all, but rather offers to join a series of promotions.

What they are trying to do here is entice new members to sign up for all these third party promotions.


Because whoever is running this site is obviously an affiliate of all these other deals and earns a referral commission every time someone new signs up to these offers.

I’ve seen alleged survey sites before that operate in this fashion, and I consider them dodgy because they are portraying themselves as something they’re not, for no other reason than to bait and switch people into doing something else entirely.

There isn’t just a handful of offers to agree to either. There are pages of them!

Of course, each one offers a yes or no choice, so you don’t have to opt into any of them. It’s not mandatory to do so.

Some of the offers are to join other paid survey platforms (real ones like Global Test Market, which I used to be a member of). Other offers are more like loaded questions, trying to sucker you into some deal if you say yes to it.

Then there are some offers that smell suspiciously like online money making scams, stuff that sounds too good to be true.

Once you finally get past the endless pages that give you a choice to say yes or no, finally you arrive at a page of offers that only has the option to tick “yes”. Unless you tick yes to all of these, you can’t proceed any further on the Signature Surveys site.

Some of these mandatory offers look as dodgy as all hell, so I didn’t go any further with the process. I wasn’t going to agree to any of them.


Signature Surveys Mandatory Offers


No legit survey site makes you agree to join offers and trials for stuff you don’t want. Real survey platforms will just ask you to complete your profile, then start sending you real surveys to fill out.

Likely the $5 start up bonus and the promise of a further $20 doesn’t exist. They say they pay out when your account reaches $20 and you can receive a payment through PayPal, but again I doubt this is true.

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Signature Surveys Complaints

I have seen a few complaints about Signature Surveys on the BBB site, as well as Ripoff Reports. The most common complaint by far is that nobody ever receives their money, particularly the $25 sign up bonus when you join some of the offers.

There are also complaints about Signature Surveys charging people money to join, along with an inability to be able to cancel their SS account, or cancel offers they signed up for.


Signature Surveys Complaints


Target Market

Survey sites target people looking to make a little extra cash on the side in their spare time, which is all fine and good if the surveys are for real.

This website plays on that and suckers people into joining a whole bunch of other stuff they weren’t looking for, just so the site operator can earn a bunch of commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with being an affiliate, so long as what you’re doing in transparent, and bait and switch tactics aren’t being employed to con people.


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What I Like

  • There is money to be made doing surveys (but not much), and some of the sites this one refers you to are legit, but this whole website is a big scam the way it operates


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This is not a genuine paid survey platform
  • Bait and switch tactics are used to get people to join other offers so the site owner can make commissions
  • Many of these offers will likely cost you money
  • Some of the offers look like scams
  • Complaints that nobody gets paid anything by this site
  • The site owner is anonymous
  • Your details could get sold to third party marketers
  • The sign up bonuses are fake
  • You could individually join the survey platforms they refer you to on your own. You don’t need to go through Signature Surveys
  • Lies and deception are being used here to sucker people into joining and taking up offers


How Much Does Signature Surveys Cost To Join?

While it’s free to join Signature Surveys, many of the offers they try to entice you to join, or try to force you to join on the last page of offers, will cost you money.

Some are free trials, but you’ll need to give your credit card details to join them. Then, after the trial period is over, your card will start getting charged if you forget to cancel the offer.

So as you can see, rather than making a bit of easy part-time cash with this scheme, it’ll likely just end up fleecing your wallet of cash.


Is Signature Surveys a Scam Or Legit?

Yes, I would call this one a scam, because of all the deceptive tactics used to lure people in and switch them over to joining offers so the owner gets paid.

There is no real survey platform here like is advertised, and the way this person tries to make people sign up for stuff they don’t want is a terrible way to do things.

So basically, for the promise of an easy $25 (which no one ever gets, apparently), this person wants to force you to join other scams and so on, just so you can proceed on the website and start earning money.

The only thing is, there is no money to be earned on Signature Surveys. Yes, if you join some of the other legit survey platforms you are referred to, you can make money on those, but you don’t even need to be a member of Signature Surveys to do that.

Just go and join those platforms yourself.

Give Signature Surveys and all its BS lies a huge miss!


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