Get Weekly Paychecks Is a Scam or Easy $2k a Week?



Get Weekly Paychecks is a scam or isn’t it? That’s a question I’ve seen being asked in online forums and social media. It got me interested in this make money idea, so I decided to see what it’s all about. They claim you can live a freedom lifestyle if you join, so is that for real or just sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look at Get Weekly Paychecks and uncover the truth…



Is Get Weekly Paychecks a ScamCompany Name: Get Weekly Paychecks

Owners: Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra

Price To Join: $25/Month + Other Costs

My Rating: 6/10



~ Get Weekly Paychecks Reviews ~



For myself and millions of other online entrepreneurs and solopreneurs out there, the internet has been one of the best innovations ever. When it comes to being able to make money online from home, you get access to a global audience that’s available 24/7/365.

We haven’t seen anything like this before and it’s opened to doors to countless opportunities.

While there is so much that’s great about the cyber world, it has its downsides as well. When it comes to making money, the biggest issue is avoiding online scammers and con artists. They seem to be everywhere, waiting to relieve people of their money, so we all have to be wary and cautious.

Much of my website is devoted to writing product reviews of make money online (MMO) programs/schemes, as well as any training that claims it teaches people how to make money. I do this so we are all better informed and can make wise decisions.

The platform has been around for quite a while now, but recently I was seeing a lot of online chatter about the Get Weekly Paychecks scheme. Some people were talking it up while others were questioning its viability. It got me interested enough to research it and write a review on what I found out.

It’s awesome to see you here reading my review. Chances are you’ll never fall for an online money making scam because you do your research before getting involved in anything. That’s always the best course of action.

Let’s now see if Get Weekly Paychecks is really worth your time and money or not.


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What Is Get Weekly Paychecks?

Get Weekly Paychecks immediately hooks people in with the claim that you can quite easily be making between $500 to $2000 a week if you sign up for it.

If you sit through the sales video, these people running this site make it sound all super easy to get started and earning that kind of money in no time flat.

But is that really possible or not? Is it just some sales hype?

To be honest Get Weekly Paychecks isn’t actually any sort of membership site or money making scheme on its own. It’s actually just a feeder site for another scheme that’s been running for a long time in America.

The owners of Get Weekly Paychecks don’t try and hide this fact either, which is refreshing.

The program they’re really promoting is memberships into the MCA (Motor Club of America) roadside assistance and money making scheme.

Site creators – Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra – are members and affiliates of MCA and they use their website to help refer new members to the MCA program.

This is all fine, because the couple are totally upfront and honest about what they’re doing and what their website is all about.

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Is Get Weekly Paychecks a Scam


What’s MCA About Exactly?

The Motor Club of America was founded way back in 1926 when cars were really a luxury item. Founder William W. Green was CEO of the company for 60 years, from its beginnings in 1926 right up until 1986.

The company offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for its members, who pay monthly fees for the convenience and peace of mind, knowing that help is only a phone call away should they suffer mechanical problems or be involved in an accident.

To help expand the business and spread the word, MCA introduced a referral scheme, where members could earn extra money by referring new members.

The problem with MCA as far as getting involved in their business is concerned, is they offer very little in the way of training or resources to teach people how to promote memberships to others and earn money.

Bill Foley & Chez Feenstra are MCA members. They recognised this gap that needed to be filled and so started up the Get Weekly Paychecks website to fill that void.


How Get Weekly Paychecks Works

What this website does, apart from basically feed people through to MCA so the owners can earn commissions, is actually help people learn how to become better at promoting MCA. That way everyone wins by making more money.

You don’t technically need to join Get Weekly Paychecks to jump on board the MCA scheme, but it does have a few advantages over just going it alone.

That’s what the site owners claim anyway.

One thing you get when you join Get Weekly Paychecks is some pre-made landing pages that have been tried, tested and optimised for the highest conversions. The landing pages are for getting people to join the Get Weekly Paychecks email list, where subscribers will receive a series of autoresponder emails designed to warm them up and sell them on becoming members of the Motor Club of America.

The whole concept is designed to help you gather more leads and convert them into sales. This is something that’s lacking when you’re simply a member of, and affiliate of, MCA.

Along with the landing pages and email funnel, you’ll also receive some basic training in marketing and advertising, along with a few tools to help you succeed. This includes things like pre-written ad copy that you can copy and paste into your social media feeds, or even on your own website.

Speaking of websites, Get Weekly Paychecks actually provide members with a replica website to help with sales and recruitment.

Get Weekly Paychecks also has an affiliate program on top of the affiliate program offered by MCA.

Driving traffic to landing pages is always far easier said than done, and generally requires quite a decent sized advertising budget to send traffic to those landing pages.

A website can do this more effectively with free traffic, but you won’t be getting organic search engine rankings in Google and co with a replica website that contains the exact same content as every other GWP affiliate.

On the plus side, being a member of the Get Weekly Paychecks website means you can use their sales video to entice new members to join MCA.

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Get Weekly Paychecks Check


How Much Can You Earn?

You stand to earn a total of $90 for every new member you successfully refer to Motor Club of America through GWP. That’s not a bad commission, but you’ll need to get a lot of them regularly if you hope to earn the promised $500 to $2000 a week GWP claims you can easily make.


Target Market

I guess this is aimed at people who may be needing roadside assistance for one. Secondly, it’s also targeting people who are looking for relatively simple ways to make some extra money on the side.

The way they promote this is as a fulltime money earner, but I really think this would be part-time money at best. It might be an okay side hustle.


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What I Like

  • You can potentially make some money with this scheme, both GWP and MCA
  • MCA has been in existence since way back in 1926, so they don’t look like disappearing anytime soon
  • The site owners are upfront and honest about what they’re really promoting
  • Their sales funnel could help members achieve more MCA sales
  • It’s not expensive to join
  • Motor Club of America is a long running and highly respected business


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You have to be a USA or Canada resident to get involved, so it’s not a global opportunity
  • You don’t really need to join Get Weekly Paychecks to be a member of and promote MCA
  • Making $2k a week is a tough ask with the Get Weekly Paychecks and MCA systems
  • You will likely need to spend thousands on advertising to drive visitors to the GWP sales funnel
  • Your replica website won’t get any favour in the search engines, so very little in the way of free traffic
  • Loads of people across America already have roadside assistance services, either with MCA, or even bundled with their car insurance
  • You are limited to promoting only the one product as an affiliate
  • You don’t own your own business, not even the website they give you
  • The earning possibilities with this are all a bit too good to be true
  • There is a lot of competition out there when it comes to promoting MCA, or any sort of roadside assistance scheme


Get Weekly Paychecks Ad


How Much Does Get Weekly Paychecks Cost To Join?

Get Weekly Paychecks is primarily designed to make even more money for the owners. They make money from you when you join the MCA program, and they make extra money when you pay to join their own scheme.

So what are all the costs involved in joining MCA through GWP?

For starters, the price for joining Get Weekly Paychecks is $25 a month.

After that you must pay $39.95 for your first month of membership in Motor Club of America. From month two onwards your MCA membership will cost you $19.95 every month.

So that equates to $64.90 for the 1st month, followed by $44.95 for every month after that.

This puts you into a position to earn MCA referral fees as well as get the 24/7 roadside assistance.


Is Get Weekly Paychecks a Scam Or Legit?

There’s no scam going on here at all, and the owners of the Get Weekly Paychecks site are very upfront about what they’re doing and what’s being promoted.

It’s possible to make money promoting MCA, and it’s a business that’s stood the test of time.

Seriously though, if you want to make good money as an affiliate, then joining something like this that only promotes the one thing is very limiting. You would be far better off learning how to do affiliate marketing on a much broader scale.

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Lifestyle FreedomGet Weekly Paychecks is okay, and it’s kind of like doing affiliate marketing, but there are far more profitable and diverse ways of affiliate marketing and making money than what MCA has to offer.

I actually do affiliate marketing for a living, as do millions of other people across the globe. It’s actually not that hard to learn and be up and running if you follow some good training like I did.

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The reason any level of income is achievable is because there is no limit or ceiling on how much money you can potentially make with this.

An online business when done the right way will lead to a build up of passive and residual income streams. This gives you more financial security, along with a much better lifestyle because you’ll end up with an abundance of time and money.

It’s pretty damn hard to achieve that kind of life when trading time for dollars in most jobs.

People may want this kind of freedom lifestyle, but you have to actively pursue something that can help you achieve that freedom. Affiliate marketing has given me that lifestyle freedom I’ve always desired, and it can for you too, if you want it.

It should also be noted that it hardly costs anything to get started or run this type of very simple online business.

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