Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam or Easy $10k a Day?



Is Bitcoin Profit a scam or not? That’s the question heaps of people have been asking about this Bitcoin investment scheme and trading software. That made me want to look into it to see what it’s about. Is making $1000s profit a day really possible with this?

Let’s take a look at Bitcoin Profit and uncover the truth…



Is Bitcoin Profit a ScamCompany Name: Bitcoin Profit

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $250 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10



~ Bitcoin Profit Review ~



The internet has really changed the world in so many ways, especially when it comes to ways to make money from home in your spare time. That’s what I love about it so much. Many people even work remotely for their employers these days too. It’s freedom and the internet never sleeps.

The biggest negative is that it’s also home to so many scams, because scammers can simply remain anonymous. They’re out for a quick buck by promising returns that their schemes can’t (or were never intended to) deliver.

There was a lot of talk about yet another Bitcoin investment scheme called Bitcoin Profit, so it got me interested enough to research it and write a review on what I found out.

I devote a lot of this website to writing reviews about make money online (MMO) products and schemes, as well as those training platforms that say they’ll teach you ways to make money on the internet. This helps us all learn what’s worth it, what’s only okay, and what we should steer clear of.

It’s about making the best choices, as like I said, there are a lot of scams in this niche, so we have to be informed and be wise. Reviews are a good way of “weeding the garden”, so we’re left with what we want.

It’s awesome that you’re here reading my review. Chances are you’ll never get scammed because you do your research first.

Let’s now see how Bitcoin Profit measures up.


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What Is Bitcoin Profit?

When you land on this site you’ll be greeted with a claim that Bitcoin Profit can make you $10,478 per day. Seems like a pretty exact figure considering it’s a trading platform, but there you go.

Looks like BS hype already.

Another major statement that’s made is this one:

“Everyone who has invested in Bitcoin in recent years has made MILLIONS”

I sincerely doubt that this is true. I mean “everyone” has made “millions”? I don’t think so.

It’s just sales hype directed at people who have never invested in Bitcoin before, as those who have would know that this statement is complete BS.

So what is Bitcoin Profit meant to be exactly?

It’s a trading program that’s meant to automate Bitcoin trading in the Forex market. I’ve seen loads of these trading platforms over the past few years, and some are jumping on Bitcoin because of its popularity. Most of the others I’ve come across have targeted the binary options trading market, which is also growing in popularity.

Another claim is that the Bitcoin Profit trading program taps into some brilliant new algorithm that virtually can’t lose.

Of course, this is all bogus. Yes, there are automated trading systems out there known as “Expert Advisors” (EAs), that plug into trading platforms such as MT4, but they’re not some magical, infallible, psychic trading robots that never get it wrong.

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How Bitcoin Profit Works

So how’s this work?

We’ve touched on it above, but we’ll look at it in a bit more detail.

Basically what these schemes claim is that their software program does all the hard work for you. Essentially it’s like having your own cash machine, or personal ATM.

This is a common trading scam where you are offered a “free” trading software program that takes all the hard work out of trading. In fact, you don’t even have to know anything about trading to make money with it, because it works on autopilot and rarely, if ever, loses.

These people actually don’t want to attract real traders or anyone with trading experience, because their scam is not going to work on those people. It’ll only work on people who actually are totally green when it comes to Forex trading and anything to do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

When you watch the sales video there are some video testimonials included, where supposedly everyday, ordinary people are singing the praises of Bitcoin Profit. The only problem is, I recognise some of the faces.

When you’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of these sales pitch videos for various make money scams, you come to realise that many of the people in these videos are paid actors for hire on the freelancer site, Fiverr.

The testimonials are fake, just like this “can’t lose” trading software program.


Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam


Is It Really Free?

First of all, it isn’t free. Far from it actually.

Yes, you can technically sign up for free to gain access to their trading system, but you can’t start trading with zero dollars. The minimum investment amount is set at $250 to commence.

In my experience nothing really comes for free. Ultimately you pay somewhere along the line. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with charging a price, but these trading scams always bandy the word “free” about a lot to hook people in.

In actual fact, all trading platforms I’ve seen are free anyway, because they want you to use them and invest your money so the brokers can get their commissions. However, anything that’s considered an Expert Advisor usually has a price tag attached, sometimes well into the $1000s.

If there is a real automated trading software package attached to the Bitcoin Profit scheme, then it is unusual that it would be free when most other EAs you have to pay for.

Especially since they sell the deal on it being a totally new algorithm that simply cannot lose and can bring in over $10k profit a day.

Why would you give that away?

Because it’s all one big con.

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How All This Really Works

If you were to decide to join this, the person running the Bitcoin Profit website would then refer you to their “recommended broker”.

All of these dodgy trading scams work the same way.

You’ll also find that the broker they send you to is not regulated in a highly regulated industry. They’ll be based in countries like Cypress where laws are lax.

Your broker will want you to open up your wallet and hand them a starting investment of $250, which the broker will then trade for you on your behalf.

Allegedly you let the broker and the magic software do all the work. You just have to give them a modest amount of cash, then kick back and watch the daily profits come flooding in.

None of this is true.

No sooner will you have handed over your money and the broker or his flunky will be on the phone to you asking you to invest thousands of dollars more.

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Bitcoin Profit Earn Millions


So What’s In It for Bitcoin Profit?

What you’ll find with these sites promoting these trading scams is that the person running the site is an affiliate for the brokers. Some of these affiliates get as much as a 50% commission for every dollar someone they refer invests with the broker.

As an aside, a legit broker operating on spreads or commissions, wouldn’t be able to afford to pay people 50% of every dollar invested just to refer someone to their business.

That’s a massive commission in this business.

So basically there are a bunch of affiliates out there with no scruples whatsoever, all promoting dodgy, worthless trading scams like Bitcoin Profit, just so they can get paid money by an equally dodgy and unprofessional broker.

The affiliate makes money, the broker makes money, and those who are unlucky enough to fall for this and invest lose all their money.


Target Market

Many people are looking for ways to make extra money, or even big money, and that’s what scams like this one prey on. They are targeting people with no cryptocurrency or trading experience, throw big dollar figures at them and wow them with automated software that supposedly does all the trading for them.

These people are experts at telling people what they want to hear, and in the case of Bitcoin Profit, they are playing on both the popularity of Bitcoin, as well as making it look easy for a beginner to get into the Forex trading game and not even have to learn how to trade.

Instead, the bot software makes them a fortune while they get to kick back at the beach all day.

It’s all fake though.


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What I Like

  • I like Forex trading, and you can potentially make money with Forex and even Bitcoin if you trade with a legit platform. Unfortunately Bitcoin Profit is all just a scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no automated software that can guarantee you endless winning trades
  • Stating that everyone who has ever invested in Bitcoin has made millions of dollars is an outright lie
  • There’s no way anyone will be making $10k a day with Bitcoin Profit
  • The person running this website chooses to remain anonymous
  • The recommended broker will be unregulated and just there to steal your money
  • The person running this website will be a broker’s affiliate, earning a cut of every dollar people invest with the broker
  • Everything about Bitcoin Profit is a scam
  • These scammers are just preying on people with no trading experience and telling them what they want to hear


Bitcoin Profit Cant Lose


How Much Does Bitcoin Profit Cost To Join?

They say this is free, but you can’t get started without first investing a minimum of $250. That’ll soon disappear and then you’ll be asked to invest at least several thousand dollars more at the very least.

With real trading, where you do the trading yourself, it’s definitely possible to make a profit once you know what you’re doing, but these investment schemes are nothing but a scam that cost you money over and over again.


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Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam Or Legit?

Yes, I would definitely call this out as a scam. I’ve seen the exact same deal too many times before and too many people getting burnt.

Give Bitcoin Profit a big miss, and also anything else that looks or smells like the same kind of trading scam.

No one can guarantee almost 100% winning trades with some software program. If it were true, everyone on Wall Street would be using it.

It’s nothing but a con to get peoples’ money.


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