What Is Bitcoin Hack? A Scam? MUST READ REVIEW!



What is “Bitcoin Hack”? A scam? It’s yet another scheme tapping into the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but is it anything worthwhile, or yet another scheme designed to do nothing more than relieve you of your hard earned cash?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth about Bitcoin Hack…



What Is Bitcoin HackCompany Name: Bitcoin Hack

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Investment Required

My Rating: 0/10



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What I really love about the internet age is it’s opened up the doors to so many money making possibilities, things you can do from home in your own time. You also get access to a global marketplace that never sleeps. There is some dodgy stuff online too though, so we have to avoid that in search of the good stuff.

There was quite a bit of banter going around about a scheme called Bitcoin Hack, so I decided to take a look for myself and write a review about what I discovered.

My website focuses a lot on product reviews of make money schemes, as well as training programs that claim to teach you how to make money. The idea of these reviews is to help us all make informed decisions.

Unfortunately the internet has become riddled with scammers, all looking to steal our money, so we have to be careful. That’s where reviews can be so helpful.

It’s great that you’re here reading this review. You do your homework before you pay to join anything, and that’s always a good idea. Most likely you’ll never get scammed.

Let’s now see if Bitcoin Hack is any good or just a useless hack of a scheme.


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What Is Bitcoin Hack?

If you’ve been thinking about buying into this trading system, make sure you read my full review of Bitcoin Hack before you take the plunge.

When you land on the Bitcoin Hack website, which is bitcoinhack dot net, all that’s there on the homepage is a video, that goes on and on about a loophole left in Bitcoin by the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Many people still claim that Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t even a real person, but a name (or alias) to represent a group of people who created the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Hack is some sort of trading system that allows traders to take advantage of this alleged loophole in the Bitcoin system and make a nice profit. In fact, the claim is that you can even be making $1000s a day in profit with this.

There’s actually no indication of who created this Bitcoin Hack scheme, as the person never reveals himself and chooses to remain anonymous. He says in a video that he wants to keep his identity a secret, which is always a bad sign.

There are actually two videos for you to watch. The initial video which talks about the Bitcoin loophole. Then, after you hand over your email address at the conclusion of the first video, you get to sit through another video .

This second video is actually more interesting from an “entertainment” point of view. The presenter goes on to claim that he was one of the original creators of Bitcoin, alongside Satoshi Nakamoto, but he was betrayed by the guy.

Apparently Satoshi went on to claim that he’d developed the Bitcoin cryptocurrency concept all on his own.

What this anonymous dude is claiming, is that when he and Satoshi created Bitcoin, they wrote certain code into the cryptocurrency that would enable future price fluctuations at certain points in time.

So what he’s saying is that when Bitcoin drops in price or goes up in price, it’s all because of the pre-written code that was put into it when the digital coin was created.

Okay. Smells like BS to me.

Anyway, because of this code – and the fact that he knows when the prices are going to fluctuate up or down – he can predict with 100% accuracy when there is going to be a fluctuation and by how much.

Now, of course, know one else knows this except this mysterious guy who created 2 videos on an otherwise empty website.

We’re just supposed to believe him? Based on what evidence?

To further try and have people empathise with him and believe what he’s saying, this guy says he’s not happy with what’s happened with Bitcoin and wants to help put money back into the pockets of people who have lost money with Bitcoin because of these predetermined price fluctuations.

Man, this guy should be writing fiction, because he’s concocted one hell of a story!

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What Is Bitcoin Hack


How Bitcoin Hack Works

Unfortunately, the video presenter of Bitcoin Hack is as keen to share that information with us as much as he’s keen to reveal his true identity.

There is practically no information whatsoever about how his trading system works and how you can get to take advantage of these so called loopholes with profitable trades.

This is so typical of schemes like this. They promise the world, then fail to tell you how their magic scheme, system or program actually delivers results and what you have to do.

All he really tells us is that he’s developed a trading system that hacks into these predetermined price fluctuations so you can make money, guaranteed.

That’s all well and good, but please tell us more, mystery dude.

Another snippet of information that he does tease us with is this:

His trading systems exploits Bitcoin Wallet addresses somehow and gives each and every participant an equal payout every day.

All we really have to go on is this guy’s word (which I doubt is worth as much as the price he paid for his bitcoinhack dot net domain name).

He tells us that he helped invent Bitcoin, that price fluctuations were coded into Bitcoin by him, and that he can put money into our pockets 100% of the time because he knows exactly when these price spikes and drops will occur.

Bitcoin code has undergone many changes since its inception, so even if this dude was an original developer, the code would have changed dramatically since the early days of Bitcoin. There is a development team consisting of 100s of people who work on the Bitcoin code daily, fixing bugs and so on.

It’s not a physical coin. It’s digital and changes constantly as the need arises.

His entire scheme is based on the premise that he knows when all these coded fluctuations in price will occur. Because he’s so nice, he wants to share that information with us so we can all make a killing trading Bitcoin.

The real glitch with this theory he presents is that price fluctuations in currency markets are largely dependent on how many people are either buying or selling at any given time, and there’s no way to look into a crystal ball and predict these fluctuations or market volatility.

Buying and selling is just one of a number of possible variables that will affect price on a regular basis.

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The Likely Scam Here

I’ve seen this kind of thing too many times before, whether it be for Forex trading, binary options trading, or even Bitcoin trading.

What will happen is if you take this mystery guy up on his offer, you’ll be referred to a “recommended broker”, who is usually totally unregulated in a highly regulated industry.

This broker will ask for an initial investment – usually around the $250 mark, something most people can afford – after which your money will disappear and your broker will be on the phone to you asking for thousands of dollars more to make up for the losses, promising a big payday second time around.

Even though the system is supposedly based on something where you can’t lose, you will lose because that’s how these brokers make their money.

The guy behind Bitcoin Hack will be an affiliate of these brokers, pocketing something like 40% of whatever money you invest with the broker.

That’s why he wants to remain anonymous, because it’s all dodgy as hell. It's just a trading scam.

It’s not dodgy being an affiliate for something if everything is legit and upfront, but these broker scams have been going on for years, stealing money and conning people out of their life savings in some cases.

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Target Market

This scheme is both playing on the popularity of Bitcoin, and those who are chasing the get rich quick dream with “guaranteed” results.

This whole Bitcoin story about secret code for price fluctuations is just fantasy designed to hook in the unwary.

The fact that you’re here reading this review proves you’re one of the smart ones who won’t get conned.


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What I Like

  • The story is quite creative, but that’s where my interest ends


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The fictitious account of how this guy was involved in the creation of Bitcoin and the coding of the predetermined future price points is all a total crock of s**t!
  • No one can accurately predict which way the price of Bitcoin will go as there are just too many variables
  • The Bitcoin code is changing on a daily basis
  • The website and the 2 videos offer very little information on what this scheme is really all about
  • The guy behind it said he wants to keep his identity a secret. That’s because he’s a scammer!
  • No one will make money with this trading scheme
  • The broker you’ll be referred to will also be a scammer and not a legit and regulated broker
  • The initial price of free becomes at least $250 once you are put in touch with a “recommended” broker
  • The guy behind Bitcoin Hack will be a broker’s affiliate, earning a juicy commission for every dollar you invest with this “trusted” broker
  • This entire scheme plays to the get rich quick mentality as well as the popularity of Bitcoin


How Much Does Bitcoin Hack Cost To Join?

Apparently it’s free to get started, but that really means nothing. Once you hook up with your broker, generally the minimum investment amount in these dodgy schemes is at least $250.

The way it usually pans out, is there’ll be some problem with your first investment and that money will quickly disappear (even though profits were supposedly guaranteed because of the code).

Now your broker will get in touch, stating he needs at least a few thousand dollars more to make up for the loss and really hit a home run for you second time around.


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Is Bitcoin Hack a Scam Or Legit?

This is all one big con job based on a pack of lies and false promises that can in no way be substantiated.

Yes, it is a scam for all money.

Seriously, don’t get involved in this one or any other scheme that sounds similar. I’ve seen this exact same scam under different guises too many times now, and they love playing the “Bitcoin” card, because they know how popular it is.

Give this a miss.


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