Is Income Shift Pro a Scam? What’s It Really All About?



Is Income Shift Pro a scam or not? I kept hearing people talking about this one and asking whether it’s legit or not, so I wanted to take a look at it myself. Can this system really make you money, or is it just another program full of hot air?

Let’s take a good look at Income Shift Pro and uncover the truth about this site…



Is Income Shift Pro a ScamCompany Name: Income Shift Pro

Owner: David Harris & Others

Price To Join: $25 per Month

My Rating: 7/10



~ Income Shift Pro Reviews ~



I really love the internet. Reason being, it’s opened to doors to so many new opportunities. These days people can find multiple ways to earn an income from home online. Even people who are employed are doing much of their work remotely now, because the internet allows them this luxury.

Never before has there been so much scope to make money in a vast variety of ways, and the internet never sleeps.

The downside is that the online world is also home to a lot of scammers as well, who target the cyberspace make money niche, hoping to make a quick buck by telling people what they want to hear. We all have to be wary when looking for genuine opportunities.

Because there was so much chatter about Income Shift Pro going on, I felt compelled to look into it and write a review on it.

Much of my website is devoted to writing product reviews of training platforms and make money schemes. I do this so we all know what’s worth getting involved with, what’s so-so, and what to avoid completely. This way we can make the right choices.

Like I said before, there are many make money online (MMO) scams out there, so we need to stay alert. Reviews help us to do just that.

I’m really glad you’re here reading this review. Chances are you’ll never get scammed because you do your homework before joining anything.

Let’s now see if Income Shift Pro is any good or not.


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What Is Income Shift Pro?

It’s an interesting title for a site and make money program.

So what is Income Shift Pro then exactly?

It’s actually a marketing system that’s designed to work in conjunction with a multi level marketing platform called MyEcon.  If you are not familiar with MyEcon, we’ll talk more about that platform shortly.

Income Shift Pro is not deceptively trying to get people to join a different platform in MyEcon. The site is quite upfront about this, and in order to join Income Shift Pro you are first asked to join MyEcon, if you are not already a member.

Income Shift Pro isn’t so much a money making system of its own. MyEcon is the system that really generates the money, but the idea of ISP is to help you make money with MyEcon.

Several associates (one of which is David Harris) from the MyEcon platform got together and developed Income Shift Pro as an add on marketing system to help promote MyEcon.

The good thing about this is that the creators of this are actually using it themselves, rather than just simply trying to peddle some scheme to others for a quick buck. If they are using it themselves, then it very likely has value and benefits.

In the sales video on the website, which runs for about half an hour, you’ll receive an explanation of just how MyEcon works, and how Income Shift Pro has been specifically designed to mesh seamlessly with the parent platform.

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Is Income Shift Pro a Scam


How Income Shift Pro Works

You don’t have to buy into Income Shift Pro to make money with the MyEcon system. It’s been designed as an add on to help you market the MyEcon program.

It’s not essential, but if you’re already a member of MyEcon, or are planning on becoming a member, then you might want to seriously consider Income Shift pro as well to help you out. It’s a marketing system and sales funnel made to help you make more money with MyEcon.

Membership is quite cheap at only $25 per month, and like I said, before you sign up for ISP, you must first be a member of MyEcon. There’s no point otherwise.

What you get with Income Shift Pro is a series of premade landing pages to help promote your MyEcon business. ISP also gives you a system to easily store leads and manage your leads, as well as a variety of handy tools and some training to bring it all together.

The landing pages they give you access to look really good and should convert quite well. They’re slick and professional, without being over-cooked (like some marketers do).

In other words, they look genuine and not spammy.

Rather than merely posting links on social media that lead directly to the MyEcon platform, sending people to these professional landing pages first will be far more effective.

People generally don’t like being sold to, so when you send them to a landing page first that contains more information before asking them to buy anything, people feel like they are receiving value rather than just a sales pitch.


Join MyEcon


The Tool Box

This is really handy, and where most of the effectiveness of the Income Shift Pro system is housed. Let’s briefly take a snap shot of what’s inside this virtual box of tools:

  • Email Blasts
  • Vital Statistics
  • SMS Blasts
  • An Email Autoresponder
  • An SMS Autoresponder
  • Valuable Campaign Tracking

These tools, along with the slick landing pages, form the basis of your marketing and sales funnel, designed to channel more people over to MyEcon and get sales.

With these tools you can send out email or SMS blasts, directing people to your landing pages. From there they get interested in MyEcon and go on over to the website for a better look. If they join, you get paid.

The email autoresponder will periodically send out a series of pre-written emails to whet the appetite of your subscribers, enticing them – a bit at a time – to join up.


The Income Shift Pro Training

There is some training, but it is a little bit lacking. There could be more of it, and maybe over time the creators of ISP will add more to it. It’s not a major deal though.

There is enough there to get beginners started and on their way. There is also a private Facebook group you can join, where you’ll learn stuff from other members and be able to seek help if you need it.

The training shows you how to:

  • Set up your marketing system
  • Test your sales funnels
  • Integrate autoresponders
  • Set up a domain
  • Track your statistics
  • And so on…

Unfortunately there’s nothing there on all important traffic generation strategies, though. Without traffic, there’s no one to see your landing pages or join your email list.

Traffic is everything.

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MyEcon – A Brief Overview

I won’t go deep into this, as I’ll likely write a full review of MyEcon soon (I don’t have a review of it yet), but we’ll briefly skim over the key points here.

If you’re already a member of MyEcon, then you can likely skip this section, as you’ll know what it’s about.

This is a MLM business that sells a variety of products that are mostly finance related. Like other MLM schemes, it heavily relies on recruitment for members to have a chance of making the bigger money.

Basically the idea is to join as a distributor and make money by both selling the products to others, and also by building an active team through recruitment. The bigger your team, the quicker your business can grow and the faster you move up the ranks.

The higher the rank, the more money you can earn.


MyEcon Products


The Products

As far as I’m aware all the products in the MyEcon range are not created or owned by MyEcon, but are delivered by third party providers. By and large this opportunity was created more with recruitment in mind, rather than selling products to the general public.

That’s pretty typical of most MLM schemes, though.

Let’s very quickly look at the products:

  • ID Defender – This is a service that helps protect your identification as well as restore your ID in the case of identity theft.
  • Smart Credit System – A system designed to help you improve your credit.
  • Cashflow Manager – Automatically capture online receipts and store your transactions so you have a better idea of your spending and can control cashflow better.
  • Road Assure – Roadside assistance.
  • Cashback Mall – This program allows you to earn cashback credits when you shop online.
  • Book Travel – This redirects you over to Priceline dot com.
  • Coffees – Selling coffee.
  • Health & Nutrition – You get to sell popular health and wellness products, or use them yourself.


The MyEcon Compensation Plan

MLM businesses are all about the compensation plan. These can be tricky and confusing at best.

Generally when you get involved in anything MLM, you make money in two ways:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Recruiting and building a sales team (downline)

The compensation plan is all about how you earn through recruiting, mostly, as that’s where things get complicated.

The idea is to recruit and recruit hard, gathering in as many enthusiastic new members as you can. It’s these people that are going to help you move up the ranks and make you money.

Their compensation plan involves a PDF document that spans a massive 24 pages, so a lot to take in. Rather than try and explain it all here, just follow this link and read the PDF for yourself to learn how the payment structure really works.


MyEcon Compensation Plan Overview


Target Market

This is aimed at people who are already members of MyEcon, or plan to become members. Income Shift Pro has been designed to work in harmony when promoting the MyEcon program. It’s not designed as a general marketing platform to promote other things.


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What I Like

  • Income Shift Pro looks to be a very professional and well structured marketing sales funnel for the MyEcon system
  • The people that created ISP actually use it and are active members of MyEcon
  • MyEcon is a MLM scheme that could potentially make you money if you can recruit well
  • The cost of ISP is quite reasonable for what it is
  • A lot of what you need for marketing has already been done for you, including some very slick and professional landing pages to increase conversions
  • You get some very handy tools into the bargain


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Making money with any MLM platform is very hard, as it relies so much on recruitment to be successful
  • There could be more training in the Income Shift Pro system
  • You need to be a member of MyEcon to use ISP, as it’s been specifically designed for that platform alone
  • The MyEcon compensation plan is very long and complex


How Much Does Income Shift Pro Cost To Join?

To buy into the Income Shift Pro marketing platform only, it costs members $25 every month, which actually isn’t too bad.

You also have to be a member of MyEcon, and that platform has its own costs involved.


Is Income Shift Pro a Scam Or Legit?

I definitely don’t see any scam going on here. In fact, this system looks very good.

I’ve never been a member of MyEcon, so therefore I haven’t put this ISP marketing system into play, but what I do know about marketing and sales funnels, this looks like it should be pretty effective.

Of course, it’s only of use to people promoting MyEcon, so you’ll need to become a member of that platform first.

I also believe the Income Shift Pro platform has been built to help the creators recruit more members into MyEcon for themselves as well, as part of the joining process is to first join MyEcon through them.

Nothing wrong with that, but just thought I’d point that out.

Overall, it looks very sound.


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