Is Chew the Fat Off a Scam? An Honest Review of This MLM



Is Chew the Fat Off a scam or not? There has been a lot of talk about this weight loss MLM company and people have been asking questions about it. I answer those questions in my Chew the Fat Off review as well as look at whether it’s a good business opportunity.

Before we get right into things though, I wanted to say congratulations for being here and reading this. It proves you’re one of the smarter people online because you first do some homework before joining anything.

The chances of you getting scammed online or wasting valuable time are minimal because of that.

Now read on to learn the truth about the Chew the Fat Off MLM scheme…



Is Chew the Fat Off a ScamCompany Name: Chew the Fat Off

Founder: Stuart Finger

Price To Join: Varies

My Rating: 4/10



~ Chew the Fat Off Review ~


Multi level marketing, also called network marketing, has been around for many decades, but since the advent of the internet age, MLM schemes seem to have been popping up all over the place.

There are so many around these days, and many of them operate in the mega saturated health and wellness niche. Chew the Fat Off is yet another one in this category.

These days I personally  enjoy full on lifestyle freedom, which includes living the laptop lifestyle. I am only able to achieve that because I make all of my income online from home. Now I want to help others be able to do the same, because it’s the best life there is.

You can’t really achieve that with MLM though. Although you can do some of it online, MLM involves physically networking with people in the real world, which really limits its scope and makes it less “freedom lifestyle” friendly.

I write lots of reviews on my website because I want to help you find legit make money opportunities, and reviews are one of the very best methods of sifting through everything and sorting the good stuff from the bad.

People kept talking about this Chew the Fat Off opportunity on social media, so I wanted to look into this one myself and write a review on it.

So let’s now see if Chew the Fat Off is a company worth getting involved in or not.


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What Is Chew the Fat Off About?

Just to be clear on something right off the bat.

Stuart Finger, the founder of Chew the Fat Off, also has another very similar network marketing company called “Changing the Future Outcome”. Both of these companies get abbreviated to “CTFO”.

Kind of confusing, I know, but we’ll be focusing on the Chew the Fat Off business opportunity in this review.

In Stuart’s very own words, he used to be a fat guy before he founded CTFO. Wanting to sort out his own weight issues led to the development and launch of Chew the Fat Off.

Basically this version of CTFO sells weight loss and health supplements, designed to help people get down to their ideal body weight and stay there. It’s not all about buying and using the products though. Being a network marketing company, there is also a business opportunity attached.

It’s not impossible to make money with MLM, but it is really, really hard, especially in a saturated niche like CTFO is in.

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Chew the Fat Off Products

There are seriously not many products in this scheme. Only 4, in fact, and they are:

  1. ChewOff
  2. ShakeOff
  3. DrinkOff
  4. Super7

Let’s now take a quick look at what each of the 4 products offers from a health and weight loss perspective.

ChewOff – All these are is chewable tablets that are cherry flavoured. They are designed to be bite sized snacks to suppress your hunger, as well as act as metaboliser stimulants and energy boosters.

ShakeOff – The ShakeOff product is just your typical diet shake that’s designed to be a meal replacement. You can choose from a number of popular flavours.

DrinkOff – This is nothing more than a drink bottle that has a filter in it, designed to purify tap water and give your body a dose of better quality drinking water. They claim this also helps people lose weight.

Super7 – Instead of targeting weight loss this time, Super7 is another chewable tablet that gives you the vitamins and minerals you need for general all round good health.

None of these products are cheap. For example, the empty water bottle with filter will set you back almost 30 bucks, while 52 ChewOff tablets costs a cool $49.97.


Chew the Fat Off Products


Why Are the Products So Expensive?

It’s true that health and wellness supplements are not cheap no matter where you buy them, but you’ll find they’re even more expensive when a part of a MLM scheme.

Why is this the case?

If you asked a CTFO rep they’ll tell you it’s because the products are way better than anything else that’s out there. Whether that’s the case or not is actually irrelevant, because MLM products are notoriously high for a completely different reason.

Every single time a sale is made, because of the way these companies structure their compensation plans, a whole bunch of people need to get paid a commission and the company also has to get its share.

MLM companies are forced to charge high prices for their products to be able to cover all the costs and still make a profit.

Reps and the company don’t like to admit this is the reason, because it sounds like a rip off, but that’s why prices are so high.

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The Chew the Fat Off Compensation Plan

Just about every MLM scheme will have 2 main ways it compensates its members:

  1. Commissions from direct sales of products
  2. Recruiting, building sales teams and earning residual commissions and bonuses

You start off your Chew the Fat Off “career” as an “Associate”. That’s the base membership level. You could focus your efforts on simply selling products to others and earning some direct sales commissions, but that’s really not the way to get ahead with the MLM business model.

It’s all in the recruiting and getting other people to join under you, helping you rise up the company ranks, where you’ll then be in a position to earn more money.


Chew the Fat Off Compensation


The CTFO compensation matrix is a little different to some other MLM companies I’ve reviewed. Each time you advance up a level, things are multiplied by 3x. The idea is you fill up these levels below you (down to infinity) and earn commissions from your recruits on those levels.

Commissions reduce the lower the level is, but you’ll have more recruits on those lower levels. If you can advance along these levels, that’s where the real money will be. But keep in mind, recruiting enough people into a scheme like this is damn difficult.

I always find it hard to explain these complicated MLM compensation plans, so what I’ve done is I’ve embedded an explainer video below that tells you how it works.



Is There An Income Disclosure Statement?

I normally like to include some details of a recent income disclosure statement so you know what the average person is earning, but I couldn’t locate one for CTFO.

If it’s typical like just about all other MLM schemes, you’ll find that around 95% of members are not making a profit from it. Those are the general stats for all MLMs worldwide.

Another thing, usually only about 1% of people involved actually make a liveable income from any network marketing scheme.


Some Key Reasons Why I’m Not a Fan of Network Marketing

I’ve been a part of a few MLM schemes over the years. I also know people who are involved in network marketing, and I’ve reviewed dozens of these platforms.

I’m seriously not a fan of the way these companies do business, to be honest. The way everything is structured is NOT for the good of the massive army of distributors.


Is Chew the Fat Off a Scam


Let’s now take a quick look at the key reasons why I don’t like MLM:

  • Why are there suddenly so many companies going the multi level marketing route over regular retail? Because the company gets all the advantages, while at the same time, most advantages are actually stripped away from the distributors. Overall it works out to be a very poor deal for the workers.
  • Only about 1% of people involved will make a living from the money they earn, and the percentage making the big bucks is even smaller still.
  • Statistics show that about 95% of all people joining all MLM schemes worldwide don’t make any money, and will often spend more money than they make.
  • MLM companies sell their schemes mostly on sales hype just like a get rich quick scheme. That’s how they recruit, but the reality is it’s way harder than they ever make out.
  • Basically everyone who joins is working for free, with just the promise of some commissions or bonuses somewhere along the line. There are no wages or retainers being paid to distributors. This saves the company tons of cash, plus distributors are responsible for all their own operating expenses as well.
  • Another thing in favour of the MLM company is they save a lot on advertising, because distributors are running around doing most of the promoting and marketing of the products, and all for free. What a sweet deal for CTFO!
  • MLM schemes are set up to require people to recruit new members so they can actually get ahead. This forces distributors to actively grow the company on the company’s behalf, and again all for free. Not only does the company end up with more sellers, generally there are joining fees, so they make even more money this way.
  • Chew the Fat Off doesn’t actually charge a joining fee. They just ask you to purchase at least one of their products to become a distributor for them. The companies that do charge fees are actually charging their members for the right to work for the company on an unpaid basis. What a rort that is, and most MLM schemes will charge membership fees.
  • Another thing all these companies like to sell people in is the business in a box principal. Basically you’re told everything is set up and ready to go (which it basically is) and that you’ll have your very own business. That last part’s a lie, as you never own your own business when you get involved in MLM. The company controls and owns everything. You only own the products you buy and that’s it. Basically distributors are just unpaid sales reps who have to cover all their own operating costs.
  • One of the things I truly dislike the most about MLM, and CTFO do it too, is when they force their distributors to purchase X amount of product every single month to remain eligible to be a distributor. If you don’t do this, you forfeit your right to commissions and bonuses. What this means is that these companies turn their workforce into their main customer base as well. And that totally sucks massively.

Those are the main reasons why I really don’t like MLM and why it’s bad business for distributors.

I mean, you wouldn’t pay your employer for the right to work for him/her for free, and cover all your own costs into the deal.

The MLM deal is woeful, really.

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Is Chew the Fat Off a Pyramid Scheme?

Just about every single MLM company going around will get accused of running an illegal pyramid scheme at some point, all because of the pyramid style of their compensation plans.

But what is the definition of a pyramid scheme that’s actually outlawed?

The illegal style of pyramid scheme is the naked pyramid. This means the scheme relies totally on making money by recruiting new members. Naked schemes have no products to buy and sell. They are purely about getting people to join and invest money, and it’s this money that pays the previous members and the person running the scheme.

Recruitment dries up and the scheme collapses because there’s no way of sustaining it other than through continual recruitment.

Chew the Fat Off actually does have real products, so technically the business could sustain itself without having to constantly recruit, and they don’t charge joining fees. Therefore, CTFO is NOT running an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Market

Multi level marketing is all about hyping up the dream lifestyle, akin to the get rich quick dream, only most people never actually even make a profit with network marketing. It’s true that most things are set up ready to go, but the hard part is selling and recruiting, and that’s where most people fail.

Virtually no one gets to live the fancy lifestyle they try to sell you on when you first join, and nobody owns their own business with MLM. That’s nothing but a pipedream.

MLM is one of the slowest and hardest ways to make money, the exact opposite of how they market these schemes.


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What I Do Like

  • CTFO don’t charge members a fee to become distributors
  • The compensation plan is interesting and a little different


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • 95% of people fail to make a profit with MLM
  • Only about 1% make a liveable income, and even less get to live the high life
  • You don’t own your own business, ever
  • Basically you’re just an unpaid sales rep who has to cover their own expenses
  • Each month you must buy CTFO products to remain eligible to earn as a distributor
  • There are not many products to sell or use
  • The health and wellness and weight loss niches are way over saturated


How Much Does It Cost To Join Chew the Fat Off?

To get involved in the business side of Chew the Fat Off you have to first purchase at least one product from their very small catalogue. The cheapest is the filtered water bottle at $29.95.

Also note that each month you are required to buy products or you won’t be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses. You will become both the seller and the customer in this gig.


Is Chew the Fat Off a Scam or Legit?

There’s no scam going on here at all. CTFO is all legit. It’s just your typical MLM deal where you get screwed on just about every level, basically.

These companies adopt this business model because of all the advantages and savings they get, but for every benefit the company gains, is basically an advantage stripped away from those who decide to work for them.

As far as MLM goes it’s okay, and I like the fact that you don’t have to pay a joining fee. However, CTFO isn’t really offering anything ground breaking as far as products go, the niche they’re in is the most competitive one out there, and the prices of the products are too high.

There are far better ways to make money than what’s on offer with Chew the Fat Off.


Here’s Something That’s WAY Better Than Network Marketing (MLM)!

Lifestyle FreedomChances are you would end up spending more money than you make if you get involved in a network marketing scheme. It’s near impossible to earn a living from it, and you’d be working your butt off day and night to get anywhere near that level anyway.

You don’t actually get to own a business, but you do get to pay all your “business” related expenses, as well as not get a wage or retainer.

Affiliate marketing is so much better than multi level marketing. There’s no buying and selling of products, no joining fees, no minimum monthly spend on products and no recruiting. Plus, you can get started in affiliate marketing with virtually no money, and you can do it on a shoestring.

The fastest way to find success is to follow some awesome training.

If you create a website for your affiliate gig, then that’s an asset that will increase in value over time. You own this asset and can actually sell your site for a profit down the track if you like.

It’s the perfect gig for making money on the side, but I prefer it to be my main money earner because it gives me so much lifestyle freedom. There’s no ceiling on how much cash you can make either, so there’s the potential to make a lot of money with this.

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