Is Pruvit a Scam Or Can You Really Make Money Selling Keto Products?



Is Pruvit a scam? What is Ketone and does it even really work? Can you make money with the Pruvit MLM business opportunity? These are all fair questions being asked by people about this network marketing company and its products. While there are other Pruvit reviews out there, I aim to answer all your questions in my Pruvit review.

First of all I’d like to congratulate you for being one of the smart people online. Many people out there just blindly join stuff based on hype. They either end up getting conned or wasting their time on something because of it.

I doubt that’ll ever happen to you though, because you do your homework before joining something.

Now read on and learn the truth about the Pruvit MLM scheme…



Is Pruvit a Scam

Company Name: Pruvit

Founder: Brian Underwood

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 3/10


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Even though multi level marketing schemes have been around for many decades, since the internet came about, the number of companies peddling products via network marketing has really skyrocketed.

By far and away the most popular and majorly saturated niche is health and wellness, and when it comes to this overdone niche, Pruvit doesn’t disappoint. With Pruvit we’re faced with yet another company selling health product and supplements.

I make more than a fulltime living online and it’s given me the ultimate lifestyle freedom. My site is all about helping others achieve the same goals by finding legit ways to make extra money, fulltime money, or start a business; especially online.

In order to help people find the good options and avoid the scams out there in the process, I write loads of product reviews, as I believe they are the best way to sort the good from the not so good.

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the MLM way of doing business, and you’ll learn the reasons why as you go through this review. Plus, MLM requires you to work offline much of the time, which means you don’t get to enjoy the lifestyle freedom that an online gig will give you.

I kept hearing people talking about the Pruvit company, so I wanted to check it out for myself and write up a review.

Anyway, let’s now see if Pruvit is a company worth getting involved with or not.

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What Is Pruvit About?

The Pruvit company was founded in early 2015 by Brian Underwood. Brian was previously the CEO of several other companies, notably Rippln and bHIP Global.

So what is Pruvit about then?

It’s a company that sells in the health and wellness niche, in particular weight loss, and distributes its products by the network marketing method.

Now while this niche is ridiculously saturated, many companies try to make their products sound different by offering some key ingredient. In the case of Pruvit, that ingredient is Ketone, often simply known as Keto.

We’ve all heard of these Keto diets that have all been the rage in recent times.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I’m not a fan of MLM, because I think it’s one of the hardest ways on the planet to make money. A much better, easier and more profitable thing you can get into is affiliate marketing.

It’s how I make a fulltime living online, and I learnt how by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate.


The Pruvit Products

I won’t get full on into the Pruvit product range, as my review is more focused on making money with the business opportunity, and seeing whether it’s viable or not.

If you want to learn more about the products, just go on over to their website.

We’ll briefly take a look at them here though.

So what are Ketones then?

Essentially they are a organic product produced by the liver. The science behind Ketones is that they help the body metabolise fat and burn it as energy instead of storing it on the body as fat reserves. So how Pruvit sells its range of products is as a way to strip fat from the body, particularly in those stubborn and troublesome areas.

What Pruvit offers is a range of diet supplements and energy drinks loaded up with Ketone in a number of flavours to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Not only do they help burn fat, but also add to your overall health.

The Pruvit range includes the following:

  • Keto OS Unleashed
  • Keto OS Nat
  • Keto OS Max
  • Keto OS 3.0
  • Better//Broth
  • Keto OS 2.1
  • Keto//Kreme
  • Keto Reboot
  • Keto//Kalm
  • Keto Reboot Excel
  • MCT//143

All of these products are sachets of energy drinks and supplements to help people lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The problem is, they are so damned expensive. As an example, a 15 serving sachet of Keto//Kalm Chocolate retails at US $49!

That’s more than $3 per serving for a home shake, and that's one of the cheapest products. That’s like costing $3 to have a glass of Milo at home, not counting the price of the milk.


Pruvit Products 1


Why Are the Products So Expensive?

It’s amazing the prices MLM companies charge for their products compared to similar stuff you’ll find at a regular retail level, but if you ask why the products are so expensive, you’ll rarely, if ever, be given an honest answer.

What you’ll be told is that the products the MLM company is selling are way better than anything else out there, or that they contain some secret ingredient that makes them worth the exorbitant amount of money.

This isn’t the truth though.

The entire reason the prices are such a rip off is because of the compensation plans these companies use. You see, MLM is all about building networks and downlines. When someone makes a sale, a whole bunch of people need to get paid a commission, and the company wants their cut as well.

What all this adds up to is a hefty price tag, so the company has no choice but to charge ridiculous prices for their products to cover costs and make a profit.

Of course, no one will ever admit to this, and the reason is that the truth will just make it sound like they’re rorting people, which they are.

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The Pruvit Compensation Plan

Just about every single MLM company you come across will offer primarily two methods to make money with their business opportunity, and they are:

  1. Making money from direct sales to customers
  2. Recruiting, building downlines and earning residual commissions

Now while you can obviously earn some income by selling the products to family, friends and other people, the real trick to making money with MLM is in recruitment.

If you can recruit hard, bring in active members to join your team, that’s the only true way to get anywhere with MLM and stand a chance of making some decent money.

You need a team so you can attain bonus levels and move up the company ranks. Unless you can climb the ranking ladder, you’ll always be languishing down the bottom and earning peanuts for your time and effort.

That’s just the way MLM works.


Pruvit Compensation Plan


Some of the bonuses you can achieve include:

  • Go Fast Bonus
  • Double Direct Bonus
  • Champion Bonus
  • Residual Match Bonus
  • Accelerated Match Bonus
  • Go MVP Bonus
  • Retailer Bonus
  • Endorsement Bonus
  • Dream Team Bonus
  • Champion Car Bonus
  • Consistency Bonus

All up you can aim for 11 different ranks on the Pruvit platform. If you can reach the very top you’ll be doing really well, but even if you can achieve the halfway point, you stand a chance of making a decent part-time income.

These compensation plans can be very complex and hard to explain. Below I’ve included a video created by a member of Pruvit. It’s somewhat biased, but gives you an idea of how it all works.



Is There An Income Disclosure Statement?

By law multi level marketing companies are required to provide a recent income disclosure statement on their website. Pruvit have a link to one in the form of a PDF, but when you open it up, there’s no real information there.

Based on statistics gathered from MLM companies right across the board, we can likely assume that Pruvit will be similar.

Generally more than 90% of network marketing participants fail to make a profit, while less than 1% earn what’s considered a liveable income.


Some Key Reasons Why I’m Not a Fan of Network Marketing

Over the years I’ve personally been involved in a number of different MLM schemes. I also know quite a few people who have been involved, or are currently involved, in at least one.

I mentioned earlier I’m no fan of network marketing as I just think the deal grossly over-favours the company.

Let’s quickly look at some of the key reasons why I think MLM is a really poor deal for distributors:

  • So many companies are choosing the MLM business model for a good reason. It gives them so many advantages. At the same time, this strips benefits away from all the distributors that work for these companies. Smart business for the company, but a poor deal for all the “workers”.
  • The way these companies recruit is all based on major hype. These schemes are sold like some “get rich quick” opportunity, when in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • It’s a documented statistic that over 90% of people who enter into the network marketing game fail to make money, and usually just spend more than they make.
  • I mentioned earlier that less than 1% of marketers involved in MLM actually make enough money from the scheme to live on, and only a fraction of a percent make the big money.
  • Think about this one. Nobody who works as a distributor gets paid, not even a retainer. Everything is done on the hope of getting bonuses and commissions somewhere down the track. That’s a massive saving for the company. Plus, distributors have to pay for all business related expenses too.
  • The company saves stacks on their advertising budget as well, as once again its army of distributors is running around promoting the company and its products, all free of charge.
  • The secret to success with MLM lies in mass recruiting, and it’s deliberately set up that way. This practically forces distributors to get out there and grow the company. This adds to the company’s ranks of free labour, as well as bringing in more revenue in joining fees and product sales.
  • Pruvit charge a joining fee when you want to become a distributor for them. So in effect, you have to pay the company for the right to work for them for free and cover all your own business expenses in the deal. That totally sucks.
  • If you go along to one of their meetings, you’ll be fed a bunch of garbage about how you’ll be owning your own business, but that’s a total lie. You never own a business when doing network marketing. The company controls and owns everything. You’re not building an asset you could later sell. You’re just paying for everything like it’s your own business and doing all the selling, promoting and recruiting, but you control nothing. You are just an unpaid sales rep.
  • This is one of the things I hate the most about MLM. Not every company does it, but most do and so does Pruvit. To remain eligible to earn as a distributor, you must purchase X amount of Pruvit products every month, otherwise you forfeit your commissions and bonuses. What this does is force the workers to become the company’s main customers as well, and that really sucks big time.

The above list covers the main reasons why MLM sucks in a lot of ways. It really is a terrible deal for distributors when you break it down and pull it all apart.

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Is Pruvit a Pyramid Scheme?

It’s actually quite rare if a MLM company doesn’t get accused of being an illegal pyramid operation somewhere along the line, as they almost always operate on a pyramid style of compensation for the members.

But just because this is so, that doesn’t mean companies like Pruvit are running an illegal gig.

Here’s what denotes an illegal pyramid scheme.

It has to be a naked pyramid, meaning it has no products and services of value. The entire operation depends on recruiting to make money, pay the current members their share, and for the company to make a profit. Recruitment stops and the scheme dies a quick death.

Pruvit has products to offer, and even if people stopped recruiting, the company and its members could still make money from the sale of those products. For this reason it’s not an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Market

MLM is really sold on hype and pumped up dreams. That’s how they suck so many people in. The other way is by offering a “business” that’s all set up and ready to go, so people can just join and immediately get started.

That’s one of the major drawcards of network marketing.

The problem is, the dream lifestyle these companies sell is very rarely the reality for anyone involved. Plus, you never do get to own your own business.

Everything is made out to seem like it’ll be really quick and easy, yet the exact opposite is true. It’s one of the slowest and hardest ways there is to make money.


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What I Do Like

  • There may be some health and weight loss benefits attached to Ketones
  • You could “potentially” make money with the business opportunity


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The price of the products is mega expensive
  • You have to pay a joining fee to work for Pruvit for free
  • You are forced to spend money on products every month to remain eligible to earn
  • All the benefits are with the company and not the distributor
  • If you can’t recruit, you won’t make money and advance
  • You never own your own business with MLM
  • The Keto and health and wellness niches are super competitive and highly saturated
  • MLM is one of the toughest ways there is to make money
  • Less than 1% of people worldwide make a living from any MLM scheme


Pruvit Products 2


How Much Does It Cost To Join Pruvit?

To join the Pruvit opportunity as an active distributor, you must pay a $37 fee annually, as well as either purchase a Starter Kit (recommended by Pruvit), or at least one of their products.

You must also buy around $50 worth of Pruvit products every single month to remain eligible to earn money.


Is Pruvit a Scam or Legit?

Pruvit is a legit business and not a scam. They are just your stock standard, typical MLM company that rorts and fully takes advantage of its workforce.

It’s possible to make money with Pruvit, and maybe their products are of some benefit, if you can afford the very high price tags.

Do I recommend you join the Pruvit scheme if you want to make money?

No, I don’t, because you could easily make more profit with a part-time job with way less work, less expense and less stress.

My recommendation is you aim to make money online like I do. Read the section below for more details.


Here’s Something That’s WAY Better Than MLM!

Lifestyle FreedomGenerally speaking, if you were to get involved in any MLM scheme you would likely spend more money than you actually make. It really is a hard way to make extra money, and almost impossible to earn a living from it.

If you’re going to pay business expenses, you might as well own your own business instead of making companies like Pruvit rich at your expense.

Compared to affiliate marketing, multi level marketing looks like a joke. Affiliate marketing is so much easier, costs way less and is far more profitable, short term and long term.

There are no joining fees as an affiliate. You don’t purchase products every month as an affiliate. You don’t sell products as an affiliate, and for the most part you don’t recruit either.

You can get started with virtually no money down, and it costs hardly anything to do this gig long term.

One of the best ways to be successful with affiliate marketing is to have your own website. What this means is that you’re building a brand and an asset that has value, and it’s yours. You own your website. Later on you can sell it if you choose to.

Affiliate marketing is perfect as a side gig to make extra money. Because there are no limits on what you can earn, there is the potential to even get wealthy with it.

Many people like myself make a fulltime income online from being affiliates. This leads to passive income and lifestyle freedom.

Following along to a proven training blueprint is the easiest, surest and fastest way to get going.

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