Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam or Easy $100k a Month?



Is Free Ad Cash System a scam? There has been a lot of talk about this make money scheme, and many were asking if it’s legit or not. I got curious myself and took a look at it to find out. The claim is you can make more than $3k a day with it, but is that for real or just some fancy sales talk?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth about Free Ad Cash System…



Is Free Ad Cash System a ScamCompany Name: Free Ad Cash System

Owner: Simon Green (Fake Name)

Price To Join: Investment Required

My Rating: 0/10



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Laptop Freedom Living is a website that focuses on helping people find positive ways to make money, particularly online. The internet has opened up so many doors to make money opportunities and it’s happening around the clock.

When you work or run an online business, you can make money any time of the day or night, even while you sleep. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened for budding entrepreneurs.

The downside is that there are a lot of scammers online, just lurking, waiting to take money off unsuspecting people. These scammers love to target the make money niche, so we all have to be wise when searching for opportunities online.

I devote a lot of my website content to researching make money schemes and training platforms and writing reviews based on what I discover. These reviews help us all make good choices, knowing what’s okay and what to avoid.

When I saw so much talk about Free Ad Cash System and people wondering if it’s a scam, I dug into it and wrote my findings here.

It’s awesome that you’re here reading this review. Most likely you won’t ever become the victim of an online scam, because you do some homework first.

Let’s now see if Free Ad Cash System is any good or something to steer clear of.


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What Is Free Ad Cash System About?

One of the very first claims you’ll be greeted with when you arrive on the Free Ad Cash System website, is that you’ll soon be making $3671.32 per day.

It’s kind of an unusual, exact amount to quote, but there you go. Not sure how they came up with that figure.

Of course, it’d be wonderful to make that amount of money on a daily basis. If you multiply that by 365 days, then you’d be earning a cool $1.34 million each year.

Who wouldn’t want that? Right?

Well, that’s exactly how they want you to feel so you’ll get excited enough to join in.

The guy narrating the video calls himself Simon Green. The only problem is, I’ve seen this same dude in countless sales videos for various money making schemes. He’s actually someone who sells his acting and videoing services on the Fiverr freelancer site.

So, if Simon Green is even a real name, it’s not his face we’re seeing.

Anyway, apart from telling us we can make well over $3k a day, Simon says he’s actually made well over $22 million since he started with the Free Ad Cash System.

He goes on to say that things like affiliate marketing are a waste of time, so we should forget stuff like that and just do what he does.

I don’t agree with this guy on that score. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing fulltime for years, and it’s certainly not a waste of time. I make my living from it.

You can get started really easily when you follow the training I did over at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s even FREE to join up!


Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam


How Free Ad Cash System Works

Anyway, let’s see what it’s about and how it allegedly works.

Simon gives us a story about how he lost his job and was totally down on his luck (hard luck stories are the story of choice for most scams). Anyway, his life was turned completely around when Mike, his brother in law, introduced Simon to something known as “ad flipping”.

What the hell is ad flipping?

It’s a weird sounding concept, that’s for sure.

Because Simon makes all this money by simply flipping ads, he’s called himself the very catchy name of Simon “The Flipper” Green.


Simon never really does go into details about how his system works, but I’ve seen the same BS scheme before.

Another scheme called BannerBit offers exactly the same thing, and it’s also a front for something else entirely. In fact, Free Ad Cash System actually funnels people through to BannerBit, so it’s obviously run by the same person.

There are other cons that talk about ad flipping as well, but they’re all a cover for the real scheme, and the real scheme is always the same.

Ad flipping apparently has something to do with buying ads and then selling them for a profit, or earning money on them when they are displayed on a variety of different websites.




The Likely Scam Going On Here

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of schemes like this one that follow very similar patterns, whether it’s stock trading, Forex, cryptocurrencies or binary options trading.

If you go further with this bogus scheme, you’ll end up being referred to one or two “recommended brokers”. You’ll find very little information on these brokers, and likely they won’t be regulated, even though the trading industry is highly regulated to weed out scammers and unscrupulous brokers.

Once you have a broker, he/she will ask for an initial investment, which is more often than not $250. It’s a reasonable amount most people can afford, and that’s how they want you to think. The money sucking won’t stop there though.

Soon that $250 will quickly disappear and the broker or their sales rep will be on the phone to you strenuously encouraging you to invest several thousand dollars more. You’ll be promised a big pay day on the second go around.

These schemes always tell you that you can’t lose. You’ll make money no matter what. But you will lose, again and again, because that’s how these scammers make their money.

Whoever is really behind the Free Ad Cash System, they’ll be an affiliate for these dodgy brokers. Affiliates get paid up to 50% of whatever amount of money is invested with the broker.

So if you joined Free Ad Cash System and handed over two thousand dollars, probably half of that would go directly to the referring affiliate.

The whole reason they either want to use aliases or remain anonymous is because these schemes are as dodgy as F**K!

Now there’s nothing at all wrong with being an affiliate who wants to earn some commissions, so long is that affiliate is totally honest, and not involved in something sketchy or any scams.

These schemes are scams and often sucker people out of their savings just so the broker and the affiliates can make some quick and easy cash.


What’s Wrong With This Whole Picture?

Well, pretty much everything.

The entire Free Ad Cash System is merely just a ruse to lure people into the real scheme (scam). It’s all total lies and deception.

Generally these brokers will likely trade with your money and they don’t really care whether they win or lose, because it’s not their money on the line.

The “ad flipping” business model, which is never really ever made clear how it’s supposed to work, is all fake. There’s seriously no such thing as this. It’s a fantasy business that only exists as a covert cover for the real scheme.

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Paid Actors

I mentioned earlier that the guy portraying Simon Green is merely an actor who hires out his services on Fiverr. I’ve seen this same dude numerous times as I’ve researched various platforms and written reviews.

This is very common when it comes to videos for the sales pitch, as well as fake video testimonials.

Common, yes, but not ethical at all.


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Steve Banks Fiverr Actor


Scarcity Tactics

This platforms also uses another very common ploy, and that’s to use scarcity to create a sense of urgency. Free Ad Cash System uses the fake “limited spots available” tactic.

They want you to hurry up and take action. They also don’t want you to think too much about it, otherwise you’ll do your research and discover it’s a scam.

They can’t have that happen, because then they won’t get your money.


Free Ad Cash System Limited Spots


Target Market

These scammers pretty much target people with the get rich quick mentality. That’s one of the reasons why they hype up the potential earnings so much.

No one knows they’re getting lured into some trading scam. People think they’re going to be getting involved in some easy ad selling scheme and making cash on autopilot.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about the Free Ad Cash System, BannerBit or any other similar schemes


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Free Ad Cash System feeds people through to BannerBit, which in turn feeds people through do a dodgy Forex broker
  • Everything stated on this website is an outright lie
  • There’s no such business as flipping ads
  • Simon Green isn’t even real
  • Paid actors are used for the sales pitch and testimonials
  • The income claims are fake and way over-hyped
  • The broker is dodgy and the person sending you to the broker is just some dodgy affiliate who’s dishonest
  • It’s never really explained how this fantasy ad flipping business really works
  • BannerBit operates out of Cyprus, not a known trading hub
  • There are complaints online about this fake ad flipping nonsense


BannerBit Complaints


How Much Does Free Ad Cash System Cost To Join?

They claim it’s free to join the Free Ad Cash System, but it’s not. You can’t go any further with it until you hand over a minimum investment of $250.

It won’t stop there either. You’ll end up being squeezed for thousands of dollars more.

None of this cash will go towards buying any ads that are going to make you more than a million dollars a year on autopilot. It’s all just a con.


Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam Or Legit?

Yep, this one is a scam for sure. There’s nothing honest or legit about Free Ad Cash System whatsoever. In fact, everything about the website is just one giant deception.

They dazzle you with massive dollar figures, just hoping you’ll bite, dive right in, hand over your cash and kiss it goodbye.

That’s how these parasites operate, unfortunately.

It all starts off sounding too good to be true because it is.

Give this a big miss.


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