Is Max International a Scam? What You Really Need To Know!



Is Max International a scam or not? People were asking this question about this health and wellness MLM scheme, so I wanted to take a good look at it myself. The real question is, are the products any good and is the business opportunity worth getting involved in?

Read on to find out more about Max International and their business opportunity….



Max International Is a ScamCompany Name: Max International

Founder: Steven K. Scott

Price To Join: $49 To Join

My Rating: 4/10



~ Max International Review ~



In the modern world multi level marketing seems to be becoming the distribution method of choice over regular retail. There are so many network marketing businesses around now that people who are interested in going this route are truly spoilt for choice.

But that also makes the industry way more competitive, especially in the super saturated health and wellness niche, which Max International operates in.

This MLM came onto my radar very recently because of all these social media posts I kept seeing, where people were promoting it. I decided I’d dig deep into it and see what it’s all about, then write a review on what I uncovered.

I built my Laptop Freedom Living website to help people find legit ways to make money, particularly online. It’s for this reason I write so many reviews on training platforms and make money products. These reviews help us all make the best decisions.

For me, one of the best things to happen is the internet. I love making money online and being able to earn an income 24/7 from the comfort of home. It’s really opened up so many doors.

Naturally the downside to this is there are lots of scammers online who prey on those looking to make money, so they invent dodgy schemes to suck people in and make themselves rich. We always have to be aware of and careful of these parasites.

It’s awesome that you’ve found your way here to me review. It shows you’re smart and do your own research before you join something. That’s the best way to find the good stuff and avoid the scams.

Let’s now see how Max International rates overall and whether it’s worth joining or not.


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What Is Max International About?

As I mentioned before, Max International is a multi level marketing company that offers products in the hyper competitive health and wellness niche. Every second MLM seems to be involved in this overdone niche these days.

The company is based in Utah in the United States and they are very vocal in selling 2 dreams to people:

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle by using their products
  2. Own your own business and live a dream lifestyle

Max International has even gone as far to enlist the help of Chuck Norris to spread the word about their health products.

The problem with so many of these wellness companies and their products, is they make health claims that haven’t necessarily been scientifically proven. That’s not to say that the products are no good. It just leaves an air of uncertainty hanging over their true effectiveness and whether they do provide any actual health benefits.

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Max International Products


Max International Products

We’ll now take a brief look at the products Max International has in its range. As this review is more aimed at the business opportunity, I won’t delve deep into the products. You can always check out the website for more detailed information.

Companies in this niche try to differentiate their products from their competitors by having a special ingredient or edge. In this case that edge is a substance called “Glutathione”.

What is this special ingredient exactly?

Apparently Glutathione is found in every cell in the human body and acts as a really powerful antioxidant. The Max International claim is that their products enhance the production of Glutathione, which in turn improves one’s overall health and potentially can help reduce the risks of getting cancer.

Let’s now take a brief look at what’s in the Max International range of health and wellness products:

  • Max International Is a ScamMax One
  • Max ATP
  • Max GXL
  • Max-Switch
  • Max 3-5-7
  • Max N-Fuze
  • Cellgevity
  • Protein Bars
  • Visible Solution Skincare

Apart from the range of skincare products, all the products have been formulated to supply vitamins and minerals for different health benefits, but all have a base formula that enhances the body’s production of Glutathione.

Some benefits are said to be things like:

  • Detoxing
  • Improved stamina
  • Increased immunity
  • Antioxidant defence
  • Regulation of metabolism
  • And more…


Why Are MLM Products Always So Expensive?

As is typical of products supplied by network marketing companies, the prices of the products are very high.

Now if you ask why, you’ll get some answer about them being so much better than the competition, or because of their secret ingredients.

This isn’t really the truth though.

It’s because of the way these companies compensate the members, and that’s why they charge such high prices. MLM is made up of teams and downlines. When a product is sold down the line, everyone right up to the top of that downline needs to get paid a cut of the action, and that includes the company itself.

In order to pay all these small commissions and for Max International to turn a profit, they have to price their products at a point where it’s still profitable.

That’s why the prices are so damn high.

Of course, they can’t state the real reasons, because no one wants to hear they’re paying top dollar just so heaps of people in a downline can get commissions.

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The Max International Compensation Plan

Although you can earn various bonuses in MLM, there are always two key and major ways you earn money, and they are:

  1. Selling products directly
  2. Recruiting and building a team

Max International actually offer some training in how to sell and recruit, which is something lacking in a lot of other MLM schemes.

Now while you might earn a bit of cash by simply selling products, the real key to being successful in MLM is to recruit like crazy and climb those company ranks as quickly as possible. It’s the only true way to get anywhere with MLM.

Let’s look at the bonuses you can earn:

  • Customer Bonus
  • Prime Bonus
  • Fast Track Bonus
  • Volume Bonus
  • Global Bonus
  • Rank Achievement Bonus


Max International Ranks


Like I said, you really want to recruit hard so you can move up the Max International ranks, because that’s where the money will be at. Ranks include:

  1. Associate
  2. Senior Associate
  3. Bronze
  4. Silver
  5. Gold
  6. Platinum
  7. Diamond
  8. Double Diamond
  9. Triple Diamond
  10. Crown Diamond

I’ve included a link to their official compensation plan document, and you can read it here.

Below I’ve also embedded the Max International explainer video.



Max International Income Disclosure Statement

All MLM companies are supposed to provide a recent income disclosure statement on their website by law. This gives people an idea of the kind of money they might be able to earn if they decide to get involved.

The most recent one I could find for Max International is way back in 2011.

Not too recent, is it?

Anyway, in 2011, the average yearly earnings for an Associate was just $227.02, and that’s before business expenses.

At the other end of the pay scale, a Double Crown rank earned in excess of $2 million for the 2011 year.

That’s why I say the only true way to get ahead is to try and get up towards the top as quickly as possible, and that can only happen through mass recruitment and team building.


The MLM Business Opportunity

Although I’ve done MLM in the past, I don’t bother anymore because the deal they offer is just nowhere near good enough. Seriously, it’s one of the worst ways to try and make money.

There are some very good reasons why so many companies are choosing to use the network marketing business model to move their products, and we’ll look at those in this section.

When selling products through retail outlets, there is a lot of money getting paid out in wages, or even in renting shop space. With Max International selling its products through an army of distributors who all work on a commission and bonus only pay structure, the company saves bucket loads of cash by not having to employ people.

In fact, distributors even pay all their own expenses and operating costs, saving the company even more cash. Along with that, it’s the distributors who do most of the marketing and promotion, do all the buying and selling and spread the word.

Basically distributors are unpaid sales reps, and have to actually pay the company for the right to work for them for free.

What a trashy deal so far for the distributors.

Now, because of the need to recruit like crazy to get anywhere with MLM, it also ends up being the distributors who expand and grow the company.

All of these factors add up to being an awesome deal for Max International, but a really bad deal for those doing nearly all the work – the army of distributors. It’s good business on behalf of the company’s needs, but not anyone else.

MLM companies always over-hype their deals too. Just go along to an official meeting and they’ll try and dazzle you with opulent lifestyles and living the dream. There’s nothing wrong with that as such, but hardly anyone involved in MLM ever achieves that level of existence.

The majority make no money whatsoever and this hype is just designed to recruit the masses to do all the unpaid work.

Part of the Max International selling the dream formula is they say you can build your own business. No you can’t. Everything involved in MLM is owned and run by the company. The only thing distributors get to own are the products they purchase.

You don’t have your own business. You don’t get to create an asset you can later sell. You can’t sell your MLM distributorship.

And another thing that really sucks is MLM companies tend to make their workforce the main customer base as well, by forcing distributors to buy product every month so they don’t forfeit commissions and bonuses.

Here’s the Max International deal. You first have to pay a joining fee, then renew that membership every year. You also have to purchase a Starter Kit. Now, in order to remain an active distributor, you must agree to purchase 100 PV (or around $100 or so) of Max product every single month.

See what I mean about these companies making their distributors also their main customers?

I really don’t understand people’s attraction to MLM, because it really is one of the worst deals on Earth.

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Is Max International a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeMany people label network marketing companies as pyramid scams because they use a pyramid style of compensation.

I’m not a fan of MLM and that’s obvious, but we need to be fair.

Hardly any legit MLM companies are operating illegal (naked) pyramid schemes.

An illegal style of pyramid scheme is one that relies totally on recruitment to keep operating. This means that new money must continually come into the business by recruiting new members to invest. It’s this money that then gets distributed to existing members and the company itself.

These naked schemes don’t have any products to buy and sell, even though some Ponzi schemes create some phantom products to make their schemes look legit.

Max International has plenty of products and doesn’t just rely on recruitment to make money. That’s why it can’t be called an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Market

I guess one of the main reasons why MLM has always been so popular is they sell the dream of owning your own business, but you don’t have to set up that business. It’s been done for you. You can just simply join, then get out there selling and recruiting.

It’s like having a business in a box or something similar. The setup is already done. However, that doesn’t mean making any money is easy. Far from it. That’s why around 95% of people who join MLM never actually turn a profit.

Now, despite Max International having already set everything up, you still don’t ever get to own your own business like they claim. That’s just fantasy and a sales line to lure people in and get them excited to start spending money on joining fees, starter kits and product kits.


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What I Like

  • They offer some training (90 days worth) which is not so common in the MLM world
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee on products


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The health and wellness niche is way too saturated and competitive
  • The prices of the products are sky high
  • The MLM deal is an extremely poor one for the distributors
  • Hardly anyone makes an actual profit with MLM
  • I don’t see anything too different about the pills and potions Max International is selling compared to most other stuff out there on the market
  • Max International has been the focus of several lawsuits in recent times


Max International Products 2


How Much Does Max International Cost To Join?

Okay, so let’s break down what it actually costs new distributors (associates) to get started with the Max International business opportunity.

First up you have to pay a $49 joining fee. Every year you’ll pay $25 to renew your membership.

Next you have to purchase an Enrollment Pack. These start in price from $150 and go right up to $999.

Then, to remain eligible to earn commissions, bonuses and be able to move up the ranks, you have to “agree” to purchase 100 PV of product every single month whether you want it or not. That’ll be somewhere around the $100 or more mark.

So it’s kind of expensive to get involved in this “business” deal.


Is Max International a Scam Or Legit?

There’s no scam when it comes to Max International. Their products seem okay, but over-priced. It’s just your typical health and wellness MLM company.

The business opportunity doesn’t offer up anything better than any other, except they do give you 90 days of training to help you be more effective at selling and recruiting.

Most people who join these schemes don’t end up making any money, or very little money at best for the amount of time they spend pushing products and the business.

They are operating in a super competitive niche, which will only make things even harder.

The only way to get ahead is to recruit, but I don’t even recommend getting involved in the first place if your goal is to make decent cash without sending yourself crazy or suffering from burnout.


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