My Survey Reviews – Are Surveys Even Worth Doing?



There are quite a few MySurvey reviews out there. Some people have been asking whether this paid survey platform is a scam or legit, because there are a number of survey scam sites online unfortunately. The real question though is, if it’s legit, can you make some decent money?

We’ll get right into the review shortly, but first I want to say well done on being here on my site. It proves that you don’t just join things without checking them out first and that’s smart. Chances are low that’ll you’ll ever get scammed or waste your time on something that’s not worth it.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the real details about the MySurvey platform…



MySurvey ReviewsCompany Name: MySurvey

Owner: WPP

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 4/10



~ MySurvey Reviews ~



We can all make money from home these days because of the internet. It’s a global market that never rests. I make a fulltime income entirely online, yet I don’t need to work fulltime hours to do so.

More and more people are looking to cyberspace for new options and opportunities, and it’s for this reason that so many scammers get online and target these people. The con artists invent bogus schemes that promise the world but don’t deliver any value. The goal is just to take our money, not help us make money. We always have to stay alert.

One of the ultimate ways to steer clear of the scams and find the stuff that is worth your time is by reading product reviews. It’s the whole reason I write so many on my site, and my goal with this site is to help people discover good money making platforms and training.

In the past I’ve dabbled in quite a few surveys on different platforms, so when MySurvey recently appeared on my radar, it looked like a good one to research and write a review on.

Let’s now see if MySurvey is truly worth your time, or is a complete waste of time.


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What Is MySurvey About?

MySurvey is yet another paid survey site, and it seems everywhere you look online these days there’s a survey platform or rewards site popping up. They are everywhere.

Anyway, MySurvey is owned by parent company, WPP, who also owns another research platform called Lightspeed.

So why do all these survey platforms exist?

Companies, businesses and brands all around the world need to gather data and market research so they can:

  • Advertise more effectively
  • Improve their products or services
  • Create new services and products
  • And lots more…

One of the most effective ways to gather this much needed data is with surveys. Now rather than try and find enough people to fill out surveys and answer questions, these companies will team up with platforms like MySurvey, who have a membership base that’s ready and waiting to do surveys for small rewards.

Some of the information on the MySurvey website is a little dated. As an example they state that they’ve paid out $32 million in rewards during 2014. As I’m writing this review it’s almost the end of 2018, so not exactly up to date information there.

The good thing about MySurvey is it’s global. Some survey platforms are restricted to just one country, or maybe a handful of select countries, but MySurvey is open to participants from just about everywhere.

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How Does MySurvey Really Work?

The very first thing to do is set up a free account. Now you can either create a login directly on the website, or you can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account. It’s all pretty easy, and they even have an explainer video that takes you through the process.



Now it’s time to complete your profile. This includes a very important step. You’ll be asked to answer a series of questions. Make certain you answer them all, as the more information you give MySurvey, the more surveys you’ll receive and the more rewards points you’ll earn.


Earning Rewards Points

MySurvey RewardsSurveys invites will be emailed to you. Each time you successfully complete a survey your account will be credited with the designated amount of rewards points.

MySurvey sometimes gives you the opportunity to test products too, and these tend to earn you bigger rewards than the surveys. As you test the product you fill out a form and offer your opinion on it, the good, the bad and where it can be improved. You also get to keep the product.

Now while product testing might be great, the platform offers loads more surveys than it does products to test out.


How Much Money Will You Make?

Okay, so this is what we all really want to know, isn’t it? How much money can we expect to make by taking these surveys on the MySurvey site.

Well, you won’t be making very much. That’s just the reality of spending your time filling out surveys. It’s always just pocket change at best.

The amount you earn will vary from survey to survey, with longer surveys tending to pay more. As an average, a 5 minute survey will pay you 10 rewards points.

How much is 10 points worth?

Only 10 cents. So that’s 10 cents for 5 minutes of work on average. Times that by 12 to equal one hour and you’ve made a massive $1.20.

Not much, is it?


How Do You Get Paid?

In order to request a redemption of your accrued points for cash or gift cards, your account must first reach a minimum of 1000 rewards points, or the equivalent of $10.

The good news with MySurvey is they offer both a cash option through PayPal (something many survey platforms don’t offer), as well as the option of gift cards. These include Amazon gift cards, plus gift cards for other major retailers.

Even after you request a redemption it can take some weeks before you receive your cash or gift card.

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The MySurvey Referral Program

MySurvey has a referral platform that will pay you 150 rewards points per new member you refer to the platform. In your account you’ll find a unique referral link you can share on social media and so on to try and entice new members.

150 points, or $1.50, doesn’t sound like a lot, but it could add up to a bit if you can get enough people interested.

It just depends on whether the effort really equals the reward.

Unfortunately there are no residual commissions on the points your referrals earn.


MySurvey Reviews


Some Negatives About Paid Surveys

There was a time when I signed up for a bunch of different survey platforms and actually spent quite a bit of time doing survey after survey. At the end of it all I’d put in many hours for very little reward.

No platforms pay much and it’s the most common complaint by far about survey sites. It’s a super poor trade off of time for money. It really is.

My time is valuable and I assume yours is as well.

Just about every single survey you’ll ever do will start off with a series of screening questions. These questions might only number 4 or 5 questions, while other times it might be as high as 20 or so. If you end up getting screened out, you’ve wasted that time for absolutely nothing. Some platforms are very hard to get past the screening stage and it gets super frustrating.

Toluna Surveys pays you something even if you don’t qualify for the survey, but it’s the only platform I’ve come across that does.

Another thing that’ll happen from time to time is you can be halfway through a survey and it suffers a glitch. You can’t finish it and don’t get paid for the time you’ve already spent on it.

Another common point of contention is surveys can be few and far between. This means it can take an eternity to reach a cash out level. And all survey sites have a minimum you need to reach before you can request a payout.


Target Market

The main target market of paid surveys is really people who have likely never made any money online before and are looking to make a little extra cash in their spare time. Surveys are also something anybody can do. You don’t need experience and they’re easy.

They are an okay way to get your first taste for making some cash on the internet, I’ll give them that.

If you’re really seeking an opportunity that’ll make you some really decent cash, then you’ll need to keep looking, because surveys only ever pay you some loose change at best.


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What I Do Like

  • MySurvey is a global platform and open to participants from many countries
  • MySurvey pays both cash through PayPal and in gift cards
  • There is the occasional opportunity to do product testing as well as surveys
  • It’s free to join
  • Anyone can do surveys as they are easy


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The amount they pay per survey is really low, even for a survey site
  • You will only make pocket change by doing these surveys
  • It can take a while to reach a cash out level
  • Surveys get really boring and tedious to do after you’ve done a few of them
  • Once you request a cash out you still have to wait weeks (or even months) to receive it
  • You have to log in regularly or they’ll close down your account for inactivity, meaning you’ll lose any accumulated points
  • There are many complaints that it’s too hard to qualify for a survey


How Much Does It Cost To Join MySurvey?

It doesn’t cost anything to join the MySurvey platform as a survey taker, and nor would it want to with the amount they pay their members.

I’ve seen the odd platform that charges a membership fee. Never fall for this, because legit sites will never charge. Those that do are scams.


Is MySurvey a Scam or Legit?

No there’s definitely no scam here. MySurvey has been around for years and is a legit paid survey platform.

The issues are the usual: Low pay for the time you spend, getting screened out of numerous surveys, and waiting an eternity to actually get paid.

All in all it’s okay, but surveys on any platform are not a great way to spend your time if you want to make some real money.


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