Spare 5 Reviews – Get Paid Money or Peanuts?



Is Spare5 a scam or legit? Can you really make some decent money with this app or is it just a monumental waste of time? While there are other Spare 5 reviews out there, in mine I’ll be answering all your questions about this app.

Just before we do that though, I first wanted to offer my congratulations for being here and reading my Spare5 review. So many people just blindly join up with stuff without checking anything out first. You’ve proven yourself to be one of the smart ones.

Chances of you wasting valuable time on something or ever getting scammed are very slim because of it.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Spare5 App and see what it’s really all about…



Spare 5 ReviewsCompany Name: Spare5 App

CEO: Matt Bencke

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 5/10



~ Spare 5 Reviews ~


Every day there seems to be a new way to make money that involves the internet in one fashion or another, and the Spare5 App is yet one more option in a list that never seems to stop growing.

It’s great though, having all these options these days to make a little extra cash on the side, start some sort of online business, being able to work autonomously from the comfort of home in your own time.

I make a comfortable fulltime income entirely from the internet. I live what would be classified as the laptop lifestyle. It’s now my aim to help others find legit ways to make money online.

With the internet anything is possible, and you can make money day and night because you constantly have access to a global audience.

It’s little wonder that with so many people going on the internet to search for opportunities these days, that there are so many online scams floating around. We all have to be careful, because these people are experts at telling us what we want to hear just to take our money.

I said I want to help people find legitimate ways to make money online, and one of the best ways to locate the worthwhile stuff and avoid those dodgy scams is by reading product reviews just like this one. That’s why I write so many of them here on my site.

Recently there seemed to be lots of talk online about this Spare5 App, so I decided I’d do some research into it and write a review detailing what I found out about it.

Let’s now see if Spare5 is worth the time or a waste of time.


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What Is Spare5 About?

Spare5 is a free app for IOS smartphones and tablets and allows you to earn small rewards for completing some basic tasks. While the tasks are a little different, it’s in the tradition of other rewards or GPT sites online, such as the ever-popular Swagbucks.

Despite is being labelled an “app”, you can use the Spare5 platform on a computer as well.

The reasons GPT, rewards, survey sites and apps like this exist is because companies need to gather market research and other data to improve products and services, and also as a way to advertise their brand, products and services.

Schemes like Spare 5 act as the middleman, so to speak. Spare5 grow a membership base where people join because they want to make some money. Companies hook up with GPT sites who have members ready to perform the required tasks and everybody’s happy.

One thing I really like about Spare5 compared to some other popular GPT sites and paid survey platforms, is they actually pay out in real cash through PayPal.

Another thing I like about it is the tasks they get you to perform are a little different and more interesting than what you may find on your typical rewards platform.

On Spare 5 you won’t be endlessly completing mindless surveys or sitting through videos just to make yourself one or two cents.

So what do you do on Spare5 then?

I get into that in the very next section.

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Spare 5 Reviews


How Does Spare5 Really Work?

There is no cost to join the Spare5 platform, and you wouldn’t really expect there to be either, when it’s supposed to be a way to earn small rewards.

Joining is super fast and super easy. In fact, you can simply sign up using your Facebook account, Google account, LinkedIn account or by using your email address.

Once you’re a member of the Spare 5 family, it’s really just a 4 step process to making money on the platform:

  1. Join Spare5
  2. Get Some Tasks
  3. Perform Tasks
  4. Get Paid With PayPal

It really is as basic as that.

Even when you first join you’ll earn yourself a modest 10 cents just for completing your profile. Okay, that’s not much cash, but at least it gets your account started and off zero.

It’s important that you are thorough in filling out this information anyway, because the Spare5 platform uses this data to better match you up with tasks. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to receive tasks to complete and make some money.

Generally you’ll be presented with a few tasks to immediately get started with. These are not hard to accomplish. Anyone can do them no problem. There are even some video tutorials available on the Spare5 site that explain exactly what you need to do for each task.

Let’s now look at the 4 types of tasks you’ll perform on the Spare5 App or platform.


Spare5 Tasks


Assess Language

Here you will be presented with a video or audio file, which will usually be a conversation between two people. Your job is offering your thoughts and opinion on the conversation or content of the audio file. You’ll talk about the tone, meaning, the content itself and the attitude of the conversation and its participants.


Annotate Images

This is kind of interesting and rather intuitive. Here you’ll be presented with a photo or image, where you’ll isolate certain aspects of the image and label them for what they are, as well as describe where they are. I’m not really sure what the end purpose of this exercise is, but annotating images is one of Spare5’s common tasks.



Isolate Elements

In a way this is kind of similar to the task above, except what you are doing is selecting the outlines of certain objects so computers can see what the human eye can see. This task is more fiddly and tedious than the other tasks.


Provide Keywords

If you’ve ever uploaded photos to stock photography sites, you’ll know how important, and time consuming, coming up with keywords for images is. That’s what you’ll be doing in this task. You’ll look at a photo and come up with as many words that are relevant to the photo that you can. A simple example might be something like “blue sky”, if there is a blue sky present in the image.


How Much Money Can You Make On Spare5?

At the end of the day this is what being involved with the platform is all about. You want to make some cash doing simple tasks, but how much does the scheme actually pay people for their time and effort?

You’re not going to be making much. You certainly won’t be quitting your day job anytime soon doing this, nor will you even be making a consistent and handy part-time income from it. You’ll just make a bit of spare change really.

A lot of the tasks only pay a few cents each, so building up any sort of “spendable” income from this platform is seriously going to take a while.

It’s the biggest complaint about Spare5, and just about every other GPT and survey site out there.

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Getting Paid

Spare5 used to have a payment threshold set at just $1, but now that’s been raised to $5. At the rates you get paid for tasks, you’re going to be pretty busy trying to make that $5 mark. You also won’t get tasks all the time, so it’s not like you can just keep banging them out until you hit the threshold.

Realistically it could take you weeks; not weeks of constant work, but weeks of time waiting for tasks to complete.

Spare 5 do pay out in cash though, through PayPal, and they pay weekly every Friday, so long as your account has reached the minimum $5 target.




The Spare5 Referral Program

Most sites like this one will have some sort of referral program, where an incentive is offered for current members to try and entice new members to join so they can help grow the platform.

Usually this is one of the better ways to make money with any sort of GPT site, because you can earn more, and you can often earn recurring income from the efforts of your recruits.

The maximum you can earn per referral is $20, and this requires that referral reaching a target of earning $100 on the Spare5 site or app. Your referral also needs to reach that $100 target within 180 days of joining (which might be a huge ask).

It’s not all as high as that though. If one of your referrals reaches $10, you’ll still earn yourself a $2 bonus when they cash out.


Target Audience

These types of sites I believe are usually targeting newcomers to making money online. People who are already making some decent internet cash wouldn’t waste valuable time on earning peanuts.

And that’s what just about all survey and GPT sites tend to pay. It’s a really poor exchange of time for money.

Having said that, if you’re an online money making newbie, then something like Spare5 can be a great way to get started. The tasks are simple, it’s free to join, and when you actually receive your first cash payment, you’ll then know that making money online is real and not some myth.


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What I Like

  • It’s totally free to join Spare5
  • The tasks are a little different to other GPT sites and more interesting
  • Spare5 pay out in real money through PayPal
  • The platform can be accessed either on a computer, or with an Apple iPhone or iPad
  • There is a referral program


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • At the moment there is no Android option for the Spare5 App
  • The amount you get paid for completing tasks is really low
  • After a while the tasks become boring, tedious and quite laborious
  • You won’t even make decent part-time cash with this scheme
  • It’s a very poor way to spend your time trying to make money


How Much Does Spare5 Cost To Join?

There is no charge to join the Spare5 platform, and signing up as a member is super quick and easy. The downside is that you won’t make much money to speak of.


Is Spare5 a Scam Or Legit?

The platform has its merits and it’s definitely legit for sure. It’s really a GPT site with different types of tasks to perform, which makes it slightly more interesting, at least for a while.

However, Spare 5 suffers the same major downside as every other GPT site out there: The time exchange for money is a terrible trade off. You could literally put in hours of your time just to make 5 bucks.

Hardly seems worth doing to me, when then are so many better, far more lucrative options out there.

It might be okay to make your first few dollars online, but after that I’d recommend moving onto something else. I recommend doing that even right now, if your goal is to make some real cash.


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