Is Income League a Scam or Easy $1000 a Day?



Is Income League a scam or an awesome make money online platform? People seemed to be asking the question so I looked into it to find out for myself. The platform claims we can make $1000 a day, but is that for real or just a sales pitch?

Read on to find out the truth about Income League….



Is Income League a ScamCompany Name: Income League

Owner: Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis

Price To Join: $47 (plus upsells)

My Rating: 3.5/10



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Because of the internet, there are so many options these days for making extra cash; especially from the comfort of home. The trick is to avoid the dodgy stuff online and go after the real opportunities that actually work.

After seeing so much chatter online about this Income League scheme, it got me really curious, so I went and looked into it and wrote this review, detailing what I uncovered.

To discover what works and what doesn’t online when it comes to making money or online training programs, I devote a lot of this website to writing product reviews. This helps you and it helps me as well.

Along with all the good stuff on the internet, there happens to be loads of scammers as well, just lurky in the shadows waiting to take our money. Therefore we always have to be cautious.

That’s why it’s so great that you’re here reading this review. It means you don’t just pay up and join something without doing your research first, and that’s wise.

Let’s now see if Income League is any good or not.


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What Is Income League?

The main sales pitch for this one is that you can be making $1000 a day or more.

Is this the truth? And is it possible for beginners, people new to making money online?

I’ve seen products from both Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis before and people have had mixed opinions about them. It appears to be the same thing with Income League.

So what is it exactly?

Well, according to these two online entrepreneurs, it’s all about posting some small ads online which can lead to these $1k a day paydays.

Of course, in the sales pitch they make it sound very, very simple, which is pretty standard for these types of sales pitches. Post a few ads on the internet, kick back and count the commissions as they roll in. And it only takes 2 hours of work a day to achieve this.

They even propose that a kid can make this kind of cash.

The thing is, in the video these guys show income proof, but these dudes have created heaps of products and have had affiliates promoting and selling all those products for years now. Likely they’ve also built up huge email lists.

The point is, these guys mostly make money from creating products and selling those, and not so much from simply being affiliates (although that can make great money as well).

This all needs to be considered when viewing this proof of income for Income League. Someone starting out won’t have affiliates selling for them. After all, Income league isn’t even your own product.

Plus, if they have huge email lists, then it can be quite easy to generate some quick income with a new product simply by emailing your list about it.

Unfortunately the sales presentation video doesn’t really enlighten us to the details of the Income League platform and how it all works. Typical of many sales videos, it’s mostly focused on income hype and lifestyle hype.

Sure, we all want a great income and have a great lifestyle, but we still need to know what it is we’ll be doing and whether it sounds like it would actually work and achieve those goals and ideals.

We also need to know if it’s something we can do, or whether it’s simply not for us.

Income League is a money making product sold on ClickBank. I’m actually an affiliate of some products on ClickBank, but in all honesty, the quality on there is not a very high standard overall.

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Is Income League a Scam


How Income League Works

So , if the video won’t tell us exactly what Income League is about, then how does it actually work?

Primarily it’s all about building an email list of subscribers. As people join your list they’ll be immediately sent through to a sales landing page you create. This sales page promotes a product that you’ll be an affiliate of, so if someone buys something, you earn yourself a commission.

Alternatively, you could place free or paid ads on Facebook which include your affiliate link and maybe make sales that way. Or, the ads can send people to your opt in sales page so you can get their email address and then try and sell them products.

Also, with your email list, you create a series of emails that are set up to be automatically sent out periodically via an email autoresponder. That way, if someone joins your list but doesn’t buy right away, you can sell them products in your series of emails.

Generally you’ll be creating ads with click bait titles that make people click, thinking they’ll be earning easy money. You likely would have seen many of these types of ads yourself on social media and in emails and so on. Things like “Make $500 a day for just 1 hour of work” and so on.

You could make money with this, but much of it depends on being able to build and grow an email list, which is not quick and easy.

If you join Income League there is some training that shows you how the system works and what to do to get started.


Email List


This Is Nothing New

I’ve seen this exact method of doing affiliate marketing taught over and over again. It’s certainly nothing new. Like I said, you can make money with this method, but it takes time to build an email list and you need lots of traffic to that landing page.

Where is that traffic going to come from?

The fastest way to get traffic is by paying for it. Things like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Problem is, these 2 giants don’t like advertisers sending visitors to simple landing pages, sales pages and email opt in pages. They want to see valuable content at the other end.

That only really leaves posting ads on things like Craig’s List, or making use of solo ads, where you rent space on someone else’s established and relevant email list.

Really, if you want to make a proper go of affiliate marketing, you have to have your own website, as well as build an email list.

You can add loads of great content to your site and get natural, organic and free traffic from the search engines like Google. That’s the best traffic.

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ClickBank Products Are Generally Not the Best

I’d also advise against creating an affiliate marketing business that mostly relies on promoting ClickBank products. As I said earlier, I’ve been an affiliate for a few products on ClickBank, but generally the quality just isn’t there.

ClickBank has a 60 day money back guarantee to protect buyers, which is great. However, for affiliates this isn’t always great news, as the refund rate on ClickBank products is so high that you may end up owing ClickBank money for returns, rather than actually making any money for yourself.

Successful affiliate marketing is about building trust, and that’s hard to do if you are promoting products that most people end up wanting a refund on.


Target Market

For me, this is targeted to first-time online marketers and those wanting to get started as affiliates. I can’t see any experienced entrepreneurs and marketers being interested in something like Income League.

It’s far too basic in what it teaches and its scope for actually getting visitors and making real money.

I really think the idea behind Income League is to excite beginners and get them to hand over their cash so Matthew and Jamie get rich.


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What I Like

  • The guys running this are successful online entrepreneurs with many years experience creating and selling their own digital products
  • The system can potentially work to a degree and make members “some” money


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Income League is what’s known as a “done for you” system, where you use all these pre-made templates and things. Generally speaking these systems don’t work very well
  • It’s hard to create a successful affiliate marketing business solely promoting ClickBank products
  • Matthew and Jamie have been creating their own products for years, so it’s easy for them to provide “income proof”, but their income is not going to be your income when you’re just starting out
  • You’ll likely need to pay for traffic to grow your email list to get people to your ads and landing page
  • There’s no talk of building a website, which is necessary for a successful affiliate marketing business
  • The system they teach is nowhere near as quick and easy as they make out
  • I really can’t see any newcomers making $1k+ per day with this. Maybe a few years down the track, if ever
  • You can’t use paid ads on Google and Facebook to send people to an opt in page. You’ll likely get your advertising account banned
  • Not much in the way of quality training


Income League LogoHow Much Does Income League Cost?

I’ve seen reports of the price for this varying quite a lot. All I can go on is what the price is at the time of writing my review.

Currently they are charging $47 for people to buy into Income League. On top of that will be upsells to purchase other tools, as there is with just about every single product that’s for sale on ClickBank.

The starting price is not expensive by any means, but you’re not getting anything very thorough or ground breaking here, either.


Is Income League a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t label this a scam at all. It’s legit, and what they teach can potentially work to a degree.

I really think marketers need a lot more than what’s on offer here to be successful though. I mean, if the goal is making $1000 or more  a day as an affiliate marketer, then that’s going to take time and a lot of work.

There’s no way beginners will be making that kind of cash by simply joining Income League and applying what they teach.

Income league is “okay” at best. There is money to be made in affiliate marketing, but Income League most likely won’t get you there.

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How To Make Passive and Residual Income Online!

Lifestyle FreedomNow while I don’t really give my recommendation to Income League, there are some pretty decent and profitable ways to make money online.

My favourite is, of course, affiliate marketing, but not done the Income League way.

Multiple millions of entrepreneurs across the globe make money with it everyday, whether it’s part-time cash, a fulltime living, or even the really big bucks.

What I really like about it is just how simple it all is. On top of that, you don’t need a bank roll to get going, and you can operate your online gig with a shoestring budget.

Anyone is capable of being successful with this if you do some training to show you the ropes and the right way to go about it.

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