American Consumer Panels Reviews – $45 Per Hour for Product Testing?



There are many American Consumer Panels reviews out there, but in mine I’ll be answering a common question, and that’s whether American Consumer Panels is a scam or not. The company hypes up the amount of money you can earn if you join, but is it for real?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth about American Consumer Panels…



American Consumer Panels Reviews

Company Name: American Consumer Panels

Owner: American Consumer Panels

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 1/10


~ American Consumer Panels Reviews ~



I really love the internet and the opportunity it brings. Never before have we been able to do so much from the comfort of home, as well as be able to access a global audience so easily. While there are a lot of positives to the internet, there is also a lot of dodgy stuff online as well. We need to sort out what’s good and what isn’t.

I was seeing a lot of online chatter about American Consumer Panels, so I really wanted to dig deeper into it and write a review on what I uncovered.

I focus quite a bit of attention on writing product reviews of training platforms and make money online (MMO) schemes. These reviews help us all make informed decisions about what’s good and what to avoid.

The internet is a playground for scammers, so we all have to be careful about where we spend our time and money. That’s where reviews can be so helpful.

I’m really glad you found your way to my review, as it demonstrates you do your homework before signing up for anything, and that’s wise. You are far less likely to ever get conned that way.

Let’s now see if American Consumer Panels is any good or not.


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What Is American Consumer Panels?

This is all about product testing and reporting your findings. American Consumer Panels (ACP) reckons they pay people between $25 to $45 per hour for this.

That sounds like a pretty high pay rate for this kind of thing, so is it really true? Can you really earn that kind of cash as a product tester?

The official website looks pretty good and certainly lends the company an air of legitimacy and professionalism. Add to that the high pay they promise and people would be flocking to ACP to apply for product testing jobs, which can be done in your own time from home. Most of the time you even get to keep the products that you test. It’s known as In-Home Product Testing, or IHPT for short.

Sounds like a dream deal so far.

Before we get further into the review, let it be known that product testing is a real gig. It of itself is not a scam, it just depends on whether American Consumer Panels is the real deal or not, because many have questioned that about this place.

Why do companies want product testing?

Well, it’s the same as beta testing software, games and so on. Before going ahead with a big product launch, companies, manufacturers and inventors need to first iron out any bugs that could affect product quality and user enjoyment. The best way to achieve this is through product testing.

ACP works like a portal, where product manufacturers can team up with product testers to conduct important research and testing. Very similar to paid survey sites, how they match up companies requiring market research with people willing to fill out paid surveys.

Some of the popular survey sites actually cater to product testing as well, but none of them pay anything like the amounts American Consumer Panels say they are offering.

For me, this is a pretty big red flag waving in the breeze. Any platform that suddenly offers way more cash to perform a certain task than any other platform is more often than not dodgy in some way. So keep reading to discover if this place is on the level or not.

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American Consumer Panels Reviews


How American Consumer Panels Works

First step in the process is obviously joining the site as a potential product tester. Like I said earlier, the website looks all legit.

There will be a daily schedule of what your tasks will be, such as testing and recording your results. To be successful at this sort of work, you need to be thorough in both the testing and the recording of your findings.

Some companies will require testers to sign a non disclosure agreement, promising not to tell anyone about their products prior to official release.

This is fair enough, as these companies don’t want all their secrets being revealed to the general public or their competitors.

Two or three times per week the company requires product testers to sit in on Skype meetings, where you get to interact with account managers and brand ambassadors and so on.

This is all information their website states.

According to their website, no prior experience of any kind is required to be hired as an ACP product tester. However, it is a requirement to be over the age of 18 to apply, and you must at least be a high school graduate.

Key criteria includes:

  • Attention to detail
  • Honesty
  • Able to follow directions
  • Can spare 15-20 hours per week
  • Be able to write reviews

You also need a computer, decent internet, and a camera or smartphone with which to take photos to be uploaded.

It starts to get weird once you go through their initial 5 stages of the sign up process, which is all pretty basic.

But now, for some unknown reason, they want you to go and join a couple of fairly well known paid survey sites. They say it’s to collect more demographic information from you by filling out the sign up questions, but they could run this process on their own website.

The 2 survey sites are:

  1. My Survey
  2. VIP Voice


American Consumer Panels Pay rates


What’s the Real Story With ACP?

This is looking more and more like a fake platform, and by all reports I’ve read, there are no real product tester jobs available on the American Consumer Panels website.

It’s all fake!

In all honesty, this entire website and company is merely a ruse. The whole agenda is to get people to join these 2 survey sites I mentioned above.


Because whoever is running ACP gets paid to refer new members to these survey panels. Most survey sites have a referral program where they’ll pay you a few dollars for every new member you refer to them.

That’s all this ACP website is about, the entire reason for its existence.

The In-Home User Testing jobs are all a fake. No one gets paid $25-$45 per hour to test products. It’s a made up story to lure people in. Once you join, you jump through a bunch of hoops, only to end up joining 2 paid survey sites and that’s it.

The 2 survey platforms they get you to join aren’t even good ones, as they offer some of the lowest pay rates around.

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Complaints About American Consumer Panels

If you jump onto Google and do a bit of research about ACP, you’ll soon uncover quite a few complaints about this place being a total fraud.

Another common complaint is that the company only exists to steal your information, to use it to try and sell you all manner of stuff, or sell your information to other third parties so they can then market their products to you.

Your personal data is worth money to other marketing companies, so them selling your information is certainly not out of the question, and something that’s actually backed up in some complaints I’ve seen.

It’s all bait and switch, entice people with an easy home job with great pay rates, then switch people over to a couple of extremely low paying survey sites.


American Consumer Panels Complaints


Target Market

This is definitely targeting people who are looking for a nice little gig they can do from home to earn a few extra bucks in their spare time.

Unfortunately it’s all bogus and the testing jobs aren’t even real. All you get is to participate in paid surveys on two completely independent websites, and they pay hardly anything.

Lies have been told just to hook people, then switch them to something else entirely. Not a very honest way of conducting business.


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What I Like

  • User testing is a real gig that can pay small amounts of money, just not with American Consumer Panels
  • The website looks quite professional and they sell the deal very well


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are no real product testing jobs
  • No one gets paid $25 to $45 an hour to test any products on behalf of companies allegedly associated with ACP
  • This website is just a way for an affiliate to earn commissions when people join the 2 recommended paid survey platforms
  • The company claims to have been around since 2006, yet their website domain name was only registered in 2015
  • Their Facebook page is totally inactive
  • The owner of the site has used blatant lies and bait and switch tactics to get people to join survey sites so the owner of ACP can earn some meagre commissions
  • Why is this mob not just upfront about getting people to join survey platforms? Why concoct a fake website and job offers to do it?
  • There are a lot of complaints about this place online, and any positive reviews smell like fake reviews


American Consumer Panels Complaints 2


How Much Does American Consumer Panels Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to join American Consumer Panels, and it wouldn’t want to either. The same goes for the 2 survey sites they tell you to join. Those are free as well.

The biggest cost here would be surrendering all your personal information, because you just don’t know what scammers like this will do with it. It’s risky, that’s for sure.


Is American Consumer Panels a Scam Or Legit?

Could you call this an outright scam?

Yes, I think you could based on the fact that it doesn’t actually deliver anything that it promises. Like we’ve established, there actually are no product testing jobs and no money to be made on this platform.

It’s all run by an affiliate who earns small commissions every time someone joins one or both of the survey sites this affiliate refers you to.

Ordinarily there’s nothing wrong with that, if it’s done honestly. But this person has decided to fabricate an entire website, complete with fake job opportunities just to get referrals for a couple of paid survey sites.

I don’t know why the creator of American Consumer Panels feels the need to lie about what they’re trying to achieve.

Doing paid surveys, or referring people to join, is not a scam, but the whole concept and motivation behind ACP is. There’s nothing to be gained by joining this, and all you’re really doing is putting your personal information at risk.

Steer clear of this one.


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