Is Money Sucking Website a Scam? It Will Suck Up Your Money!



Is Money Sucking Website a scam or a legit make money online (MMO) opportunity? Willy Handcock, the presenter, says we can all be making $500 a day really easily with this system, but is that the whole truth, or just some pumped up sales hype?

I’d first like to say congrats to you before getting right into this review. Why do I say that? Because you’ve proven to me, and to yourself, that you’re smart and won’t just take something at face value. You look into things first before joining them.

Because of this you’ll probably never fall for a scam, or some scheme that just wastes your time.

Now read on to discover the real truth about the Money Sucking Website System…



Is Money Sucking Website a ScamCompany Name: Money Sucking Website System

Owner: Willy Handcock

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Money Sucking Website Reviews ~



Sometimes I sit back and reflect on the way my life is right now. I get to live the true laptop lifestyle, and it’s all thanks to the internet. I’ve managed to build up my online earnings to be fulltime without actually having to work fulltime on things.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. These days anyone can go online and search for opportunities. We can make money even in the middle of the night, because the market is now global and never closes.

There are a lot of scammers online too though, because they know just how many people look to the internet to try and make money these days. We have to always stay aware and do our research.

I created my website here to help my readers find the legit opportunities, both online and offline, but mostly online. To help everyone avoid the scams and time wasters, I write lots of product reviews on make money platforms and training schemes. This helps us all to see what’s hot and what’s not.

This Money Sucking Website System kept popping up on my radar time and again, and it sounded like a scam, but I wanted to research it first before drawing that conclusion and write a review on what I discovered.

So let’s get into it and see if Money Sucking Website is a scam or not.


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What Is Money Sucking Website About?

So Willy Handcock, the guy presenting us with the Money Sucking Website System, says it’s easy to make $500 a day every day with what he’s got for us. That equals around $15,000 per month if that’s true, or about $180k a year.

That’s not riches, but it’s some pretty healthy money if this is legit.

Willy says he’s offering a push button or done for you system that requires hardly any effort of your part. You basically just get to kick back, relax and watch the money roll on in.

Sounds wonderful, but it also sounds like a fantasy, as my experience online tells me that schemes that promise this are fake, as making money completely on autopilot with little to no work required just doesn’t exist.

Anyway, Willy claims Amazon has some work from home opportunities, and he’s going to give us some websites that’ll suck money from the online retail giant somehow.

We are presented with an image of Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, just to make it all look legit, and are then told again just how easily we’ll be making money by tapping into this Amazon opportunity with these “money sucking websites”.

The thing is, by the time you sit through Willy’s rather long sales video, you actually realise you didn’t learn much of anything, other than that we’ll be making great money with ease.

We’re told this over and over again, with a few vague references to using a website to do it, but we’re never really told how any of this works, or what this Amazon opportunity really is.

I’ve seen the same kind of ploy used for Facebook in the past, where schemes such as Facebook Bonanza claimed that Facebook had work from home jobs, but it was all fake news, a scam.

It’s actually the same with Money Sucking Website, and I explain why in the next section.

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How Does Money Sucking Website Really Work?

These work from home Amazon jobs that Money Sucking Website talks about is just fake news created by Money Sucking Website and a bunch of sister sites out there.

Just very recently I reviewed a few other sites all proclaiming the exact same thing:

  1. Amazon Cash Websites
  2. Real Profits Online


Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam

Is Real Profits Online a Scam


All these sites make their websites look like official news sites. They do this to make the opportunity look legit, like it has actually been featured in the news.

If you click around these sites though, you’ll realise there are only a few pages on them and just the one news story about the Amazon opportunity. A real news website would be massive, with multiple thousands of stories.

Anyway, Money Sucking Website says all you have to do is watch the video, then fill out a page of information and join their list. You are then required to pay your “enrollment fee” to join. You’ll be given your cash cow website, so you can then relax and count the money as it flows into your account like magic at the push of a button.

All you’re really getting here is a duplicate, cookie cutter website with some thin content and Amazon affiliate links within the content.

It’s technically an affiliate website that promotes Amazon products, and if someone comes across your site and purchases a product on Amazon through one of your links, you earn a commission.

The problem is, the website they give you is useless. Millions of people around the world are genuine Amazon affiliates, but you won’t be successful with some super basic website that’s exactly the same as every other website this mob sells people.

Because all the content on these sites is duplicated, no search engines are going to index and rank these sites, so that means no free traffic, other than maybe trying to get a few hits from posting on Facebook and other social media.

Besides, to become an Amazon affiliate (if you aren’t already), both yourself and the website you intend to use to promote Amazon products, have to get approved.

These cookie cutter websites very likely won’t get the nod from Amazon.

This Money Sucking Website sales pitch and concept is all a load of garbage. Even the guy telling us all about it is just as fake as the opportunity he’s presenting.


Willy Handcock Is Fake

On the Money Sucking Website sales page there is a photo of this Willy Handcock guy sitting on the grass with his happy family. The interesting thing is, the stock photography website – CanStockPhoto – offers the exact same image for purchase.

All the creators of Money Sucking Website have done is create an alias, a fictional character named Willy Handcock.

If the guy selling us this scheme isn’t even real, then how real can the actual product be?

How much can you trust a product where the actual seller doesn’t even want to reveal their true identity?


Money Sucking Website Fake Testimonial 3

Money Sucking Website Fake Testimonial 4


There Are No Limited Positions

Fake scarcity is becoming super common these days, especially when it comes to make money online (MMO) products.

The limited positions lie seems to be the most common tactic used, and that’s exactly what Money Sucking Website employs to light a fire under people.

It’s common psychology that if you add scarcity into the mix with an opportunity, people will act much faster if they think there’s limited time, limited opportunity, or they fear they’ll miss out.

That’s why so many scams use scarcity. They want you to act and pay your money before you’ve had a chance to research them and discover it’s nothing but a dirty scam.

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The Fake Testimonials

Along with fake owners and fake scarcity, another extremely common tactic that scams use are fake testimonials, either written ones or video versions.

Money Sucking Website uses this tactic as well. Because there are no genuine positive reviews of this scam out there, in order for them to gain your trust, they load up their website with fake ones.

All the testimonials will rave on about how great this is, how much money they’re making in quick time, and how easy it all is.

It’s all bogus.


Money Sucking Website Fake Testimonial 1

Money Sucking Website Fake Testimonial 2


Target Market

Schemes like this one are mostly targeting people who are new to making money online and just don’t know any better because of lack of experience. Most scammers prey on newbies for this reason.

People who are more experienced are likely to recognise the red flags associated with scams and see them for what they are pretty quickly.

Scammers like the ones running the Money Sucking Website show know that if they toss in big brand names like Amazon or Facebook, it gets peoples’ attention, and also makes their scheme sound more legit.


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What I Do Like

  • You can make money as an Amazon affiliate, but not with the Money Sucking Website scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Willy Handcock is fake
  • The testimonials are fake
  • The scarcity tactics are fake
  • The Amazon work from home job offer is fake
  • The Money Sucking Website offer is pretty much fake
  • The news story they present us with is fake
  • The facade they’ve created to make their website look like a news website is also fake
  • There are a whole bunch of similar sites out there all promoting the same scam
  • No one will make $500 a day as an Amazon affiliate with a duplicate website
  • No one will be making money instantly, as it takes time to start making money as an affiliate
  • The cookie cutter website will get zero search engine traffic
  • Push button, autopilot money making systems are a complete fantasy


How Much Does It Cost To Join the Money Sucking Website System?

The cost to join this useless scheme is $47. Likely the money sucking won’t end there though. Now that these scammers have someone’s details, they’ll be pushing all manner of products, schemes and scams onto them in a bid to squeeze even more cash out of them.

That’s just how scams like this work unfortunately. I’ve seen hundreds of them by now.


Amazon Cash Websites


Is Money Sucking Website a Scam or Legit?

Yep, it’s a scam for me alright. I’ve seen it too many times now in various forms and under different website names.

Everything on their website is fake, including Willy Handcock. The entire sales pitch is just loaded with hype and lies and no substance.

Push button, automated cash cow systems are a fantasy. They don’t exist. If ever you come across anything that’s pushing a “magic” system like this, then run, because it’s very likely going to be a scam.

All Money Sucking Website System is going to do is suck up all the money of anyone who is unfortunate enough to join it.

Give this one a very wide berth.


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