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Is Ask Wonder a scam or a legit way to make some decent money online from home? There are many ways to make some spare change online, but does this platform offer something better? While there are other Ask Wonder reviews out there, these are the kinds of questions I answer in my comprehensive review.

In just a second we’ll be diving right into this review, but first off I just wanted to offer you a big congrats on being here and reading this. It shows to me that you don’t just join up with anything without looking into it first, and that’s a really wise move.

It’ll save you wasting valuable time on something that’s not worth it, as well as helping you avoid the make money scams out there.

Now read on to uncover the truth about Ask Wonder and what it can deliver for you…



Ask Wonder ReviewsCompany Name: Ask Wonder

Owner: Wonder HQ

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ Ask Wonder Reviews ~


As I’m already pulling in a fulltime income online and have been for some years, I know a bit about it. My goal now is to help others make some money online from home; whether that’s some extra cash on the side, making a living, or even starting up an online business.

If you do a business online, or pull a fulltime income, you get to live the freedom of the laptop lifestyle, and there is seriously nothing better. Much of your income will also be passive, which is the best kind of money to make.

If you have access to the internet and a computer, you can make money online. Anyone can. The internet is global and there are opportunities out there 24/7/365.

There is one major downside though, and that’s the unfortunate fact that lots of scammers are online as well, trying to peddle their too good to be true make money schemes. Usually these schemes are just designed to make them money and offer very little, if any value.

It’s something we always have to remain aware of and be careful what we get involved in.

One of the very best ways to dodge around those scams and find the good and worthwhile stuff is to read product reviews just like this one. It’s the whole reason I write so many. Because I want to help people find legit options and not get scammed along the way.

When I came across the Ask Wonder platform recently, it sounded like it may be a pretty good way to make a bit of part-time cash at least, so I looked into it and wrote a review.

So let’s now see if Ask Wonder is truly worth it or not.


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What Is Ask Wonder About?

This platform isn’t all that old, having launched in 2015. Ask Wonder – often referred to simply as “Wonder” – is based in New York and is a platform based around researching.

If you join Ask Wonder you effectively become an active researcher for them, for which you’ll be paid rewards for your time.

So why does a platform like Ask Wonder even exist?

It’s a bit like the multitudes of paid survey platforms out there. Many companies, businesses and the like require research tasks to be undertaken. Rather than have their own staff do it, they farm the work out to places like Ask Wonder, which has a membership base all ready and willing to perform this research on an as needed basis.


Ask Wonder Businesses


The businesses pay Ask Wonder, then Ask Wonder pays you, the part-time researcher.

It proves to be a win-win all round, as the companies get their research, Ask Wonder makes some money and you make some money.

As a member of the platform, you’ll be given a brief on what needs to be researched, then get to work gathering the necessary information and providing the said research by answering a series of questions included in the brief.

While things like this are not a bad way to make some pocket money, they aren’t really designed to set you up with a regular part-time income. I know a far better way, and it’s how I pull in a fulltime passive income every month.

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How Does Ask Wonder Really Work?

The very first step is to go through the platform’s application stage. You’ll actually be tested and assessed by being given some sample questions to research and answer. If you pass the test and prove yourself adequate enough, you’ll be invited to join as a researcher.

They don’t actually call you a researcher once you’re accepted, but an “analyst”. That’s your official title.

You’re never employed by Ask Wonder, but are essentially an independent contractor.

The topics you get assigned to research could literally be about anything. You used to actually be able to pick and choose the tasks, but these days you get given what you’re given, and you either accept the brief or not.

The more times you reject a brief, the less often they’ll send you work, so it’s in your best interests to take on as many tasks as you’re comfortable with.

We basically mentioned how it works earlier. It’s certainly not complicated in any way. You get given a brief, you accept the brief, then you look over the questions that require answers and set about finding the answers to those questions.

You can’t just offer up a few brief words. The answers do need to be concise, but they require thoroughness and detail as well. In other words, the questions needs a clear and complete answer.

When it comes to getting paid, you are paid per answer to each question, so long as your answers are deemed satisfactory once reviewed by the Ask Wonder staff.

There are no multiple choice answers here like with paid surveys. This is a lot more involved, and some tasks can actually take quite a bit of time to research and provide a decent answer to. That’s something to keep in mind when you weigh up the amount of time spent compared to what they actually pay you for the work.

I’ve read reports that some tasks only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete, while others can take up to three hours.

3 hours is a heck of a long time. It would want to pay well for that kind of effort.


How Ask Wonder Works


How Much Money Can You Realistically Make With Ask Wonder?

This is what it’s all about at the end of the day. How much money can you make as a researcher or analyst and is it even worth it?

I know full well that paid surveys and rewards sites are not worth spending time on for the most part, so is researching for cash any better? Is it a step up?

Both the payments for the tasks, and the length of time it takes to complete each brief, varies rather widely.

I mentioned earlier that some tasks only take about 10 minutes of your time to complete, while on occasion you could be looking at hours worth of work.

What I can report though, is that the pay rates do seem to be reasonably fair. Certainly way better than spending your time performing tasks on a GPT or survey site.

According to my research, briefs pay anywhere from $6 and up to $15 on average, so it will largely depend on how long a brief takes to complete whether the rate of pay is good or not. If a brief took 20 minutes to complete and paid out $6, that’s still equal to $18 an hour, so not too bad.

It’s certainly way better than some other things I’ve come across.

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Getting Paid By Ask Wonder

The good news is that you get paid in real cash via your PayPal account. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it’s pretty easy to get one set up.

Ask Wonder pay their analysts twice a month, so not a bad rate, and the amount you can earn for the tasks is pretty good overall as well.

You might even make close to $20 an hour if you get regular briefs to complete.


There Are Some Complaints About Ask Wonder

Seriously, you’ll find complaints of some description of just about everything there is, for any business or opportunity.

So what are some complaints people have had about Ask Wonder then?

There were a lot of people complaining when Ask Wonder made the switch from being able to choose your own briefs, to analysts being assigned specific briefs instead.

These days you are forced to wait for tasks to be assigned, so not only can you no longer choose what’s desirable to you, you actually don’t get anywhere near as many briefs to work on as you once did.

People have also complained about their research having to be scrutinised by an Ask Wonder staff member before getting approved and being eligible for payment.

I see this review process as a totally necessary step though. Imagine if they didn’t do this. All manner of crappy answers would be finding their way through the system and pretty soon no businesses would be bothering to use Ask Wonder.

It’s in everyone’s best interests that they exercise quality control.

A fair complaint would be if the reviewers are just way too harsh and picky. If they are, then a lot of people will waste valuable time putting in a good effort, having their research rejected, and then not getting paid anything for their time.


Target Audience

I wouldn’t necessarily say this one is only targeted at newcomers to making money online. Anyone who resides in the US could benefit from doing this on a part-time scale. The pay rates are fairly decent, so long as you’re thorough with your answers and do a good job.

Anyone American who is looking to make money in their spare time might like to have a go at this.


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What I Like

  • The rates of pay are pretty decent for being an analyst with Ask Wonder
  • It’s a little bit different to some other stuff I’ve seen online to make spare time cash
  • It’s better than survey sites and GPT sites
  • You get paid out in real money via PayPal and not gift cards


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s only open to residents of the United States, so pretty limited in scope as an online opportunity
  • Longer briefs tend to pay less for your time than shorter briefs
  • Apparently the review process can be too strict at times
  • Briefs don’t come in often enough, according to some members


Ask Wonder Reviews


How Much Does Ask Wonder Cost To Join?

If you want to join the Ask Wonder platform as an analyst, then it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up. It’s totally free and not a bad way to make some extra cash.


Is Ask Wonder a Scam Or Legit?

This is definitely no scam. It’s totally legit and actually pays quite well for often interesting research tasks. Along with the money, you’re also bound to learn a fair bit as you complete the briefs.

In my opinion this is far better than spending your time on GPT sites or filling out mindless surveys.

While there have been some complaints about the platform, I wouldn’t worry too much about those.

Overall, Ask Wonder is not bad. The real downside is you’ll likely not get briefs often enough, but the pay is pretty good. Just don’t rely on it as a consistent income source.


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