Is Senegence a Scam or Not? Is This MLM For Real?



Is Senegence a scam or not? This is a question many people have been asking about this multi level marketing company, so I wanted to take a look at it for myself. I guess the bottom line is, can you make money with it if you join as a distributor?

Read on to find out more about the Senegence MLM scheme and business opportunity….



Is Senegence a Scam

Company Name: Senegence

Founder: Joni Rogers-Kante

Price To Join: $55 To Join + Kits

My Rating: 4/10


~ Senegence Reviews ~



These days everywhere you turn there seems to be yet another network marketing company selling and recruiting. It seems like it’s the method of choice over regulation retail nowadays. If you are looking for MLM opportunities to get involved in, then you really are presented with a lot of options.

The negative to all the choices is it means competition in the industry is fiercer than ever before, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if you are contemplating joining either Senegence or another MLM scheme.

Senegence appeared on my radar very recently due to seeing social media posts about it. This got me interested enough to research the company, its products and the business opportunity and write a review on what I found out.

My website is designed to guide people on the right path when it comes to finding ways to make money, especially on the internet. It’s the reason so much web space on my site is devoted to writing products reviews of make money platforms and training programs. These reviews help us make the best choices for us.

I love the internet because of all the opportunities it presents us to be able to make money day and night by tapping into a real time, global audience.

The downside is it’s also encouraged many scammers to get online and try and take advantage of people looking to make money. We all have to constantly be wary and keep our eyes open for these parasites.

I’m really glad you’ve found your way to my review. It proves you’re smart and won’t just join something without researching it first. Likely you’ll never become the victim of a scam because of that trait.

Let’s now see how Senegence rates and whether it’s worth joining or not.


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What Is Senegence About?

Founded in Irving, California in 1999, Senegence is the brainchild of Joni Rogers-Kante. It’s a company that sells predominantly beauty products via the network marketing business method.

Although its focus is mostly on the female market, men can still get involved in the business side of things, especially along with their partners.

Joni’s original ideal was not only to offer women a selection of fine products, but also to empower them with a business opportunity at the same time.

Whether you wish to buy Senegence products or become a distributor, the company is located in most continents around the world, so there’s likely an opportunity near you.

There is also a charity arm attached to the Senegence company. The Make Sense Foundation gives back to the community by regularly donating to worthy causes all over the planet. It was founded by Joni back in 2002.

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Is Senegence a Scam

Senegence Products

This Senegence review is mostly focused on whether you can make any money by joining the company as a distributor, so I won’t get heavily into the products. We’ll take a quick look at what’s on offer though, because selling Senegence products obviously makes up a big part of the business opportunity.

There are actually quite a few products in the Senegence range and they fall under the following categories:

  • Senegence ProductsSkin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • SeneDerm Solutions
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Lips
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Abundance Parfums
  • Collections

The company makes some interesting claims about their product line, regarding ingredients and the manufacturing process, as well as quality control.

Let’s look at some of those claims:

  • Not tested on animals
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • All made in the USA
  • Made under the strictest quality controls
  • All natural ingredients
  • Mostly gluten and GMO free
  • Lipsense Lipstick contains no lead or wax
  • And more…

There have been some mixed reviews regarding the Senegence beauty product range, but that’s to be expected with most products on the market.

Some people have complained of having allergic reactions, particularly to the company’s flagship product, Lipsense.

But for every negative review you may find online, there are also people saying the products are really good, so who knows?


Why Are MLM Products So Expensive?

Again, as is the case with most companies using the MLM distribution method, the products are very pricey compared to some other similar products on the market.

Yes, we all know make up and beauty products can be priced high regardless, but top dollar prices is a very common theme in the network marketing world.

Why is that?

Because of the way these companies compensate their members.

If you were to ask why the costs are so high, you’ll be given a spiel about special ingredients, or that the products are just so much better than everything else out there. Usually backed up by no evidence of any kind, just a generic statement that they’re told to say.

This isn’t the truth though.

With MLM, downlines are created with the idea of everyone from the point of sale right up to the very top of the line all getting a slice of the sales pie. The company itself also needs to turn a profit.

Everyone gets a commission, so in order to cover all these “costs”, MLM companies must set their prices (often ridiculously) high.

They won’t tell you the real reason the prices are so high though. They can’t, because it’ll just sound like they’re ripping people off.

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The Senegence Compensation Plan

Although there are always various bonuses to achieve in network marketing, the two main ways that you earn with the business side of it are:

  1. Selling products directly
  2. Recruitment and team building

When it comes to directly selling the products to others, commission rates vary depending on the product sold, but they range anywhere from 20% right up to a very generous 50%, depending on sales volume.


Senegence Compensation Plan


Now, you can make “some” money by selling products, but the real secret to getting anywhere with multi level marketing is in recruiting and building sales teams. It’s these teams that’ll earn you more residual commissions, and it’s these teams that will boost you up the company ranks.

You see, unless you can achieve a high rank on the MLM ladder, you really can’t make much money. It’s only those people towards the very top who really make genuine cash from MLM. The rest of the ranks basically just make up the numbers and do most of the work.

That’s just how MLM is structured. So if you were to join, don’t focus on selling products, focus on selling the business and building your team.

Unfortunately the Senegence compensation plan isn’t one of the better ones I’ve seen, because they cap commissions down to level 5. Any recruits below level 5 in your downline won’t earn you any money.

Maybe they do this to reduce the prices on some products, I don’t know.

These compensation plans are always very confusing to try and understand. Here’s the link to the compensation plan page of their website for further info.

I’ve also embedded the Senegence explainer video below.



Senegence Income Disclosure Statement

Normally I like to include a link to the income disclosure statement so people have some idea what members are earning in the business. By law all MLM companies are supposed to include a recent income disclosure statement on their website, but Senegence has failed to do so.

This is problematic on two levels.

First, we have absolutely no idea how much money anyone is earning, and secondly, why are they choosing to keep this information hidden?

Neither spells good news for the earning potential of this company.


The MLM Business Opportunity

I’ve done MLM before a few times, but these days I don’t waste any time and energy on it. It’s really not worth it in my opinion, as it’s gotta be one of the worst ways to try and make money.

I’ll explain why.

All the advantages are slanted in the company’s favour and not the distributors. In fact, distributors get a really raw deal, as I’ll demonstrate in this section.

It’s because of all the advantages the company gets that so many businesses are opting to go the MLM route instead of normal retail. With retail there are loads of expenses associated with shops and paying wages, whereas with MLM, these companies can amass giant workforces that practically work for nothing, just the promise of bonuses and commissions.

Senegence, for example, saves oodles of money by not having to pay wages to all these distributors, or even a retainer. In fact, they also save cash on advertising, marketing and promotion, because the distributors are doing the majority of this as well free of charge.

Distributors are also responsible for all expenses associated with selling the company’s products, promoting the company, and expanding the company through recruitment. The company pays for none of these costs. That’s just the deal you’re given  if you wan to “work” for them.

Distributors are nothing more than unpaid sales reps that get taken advantage of at every turn. There’s no denying the facts of how these operations work. Generally distributors actually have to pay the company for the right to work for them for free!

From the POV of the distributor, this MLM deal really sucks from a business perspective.

MLM is set up in such a way that you really have to consistently recruit new members to get ahead. This way the company ensures that new members (and their joining fees) are constantly coming on board. Again it’s the distributors that do all this work of expanding the company.

This all adds up to being a phenomenal deal for Senegence, but a terrible one for the distributors. They do nearly all the work and generally make the least amount of money.

It’s smart business for the actual company though. Why wouldn’t they go the MLM route when there are so many advantages for them to do so?

These deals all always way over-hyped as well. Go along to a meeting and you’ll be told you’ll soon be living the dream of an opulent lifestyle. It’s possible, but not very likely. Less than one percent of people who ever join MLM live this kind of life. Most are just working for peanuts and crumbs.

They always claim you are starting your very own business too. No you’re not. You don’t own a business by doing this. You’re just a rep. The company is always in control and owns everything except the products you buy.

You never actually create an asset you could later sell.

Like most MLM schemes, Senegence requires its distributors to purchase (or sell) a certain amount of product every 6 months to remain active as a distributor and eligible to earn. This guarantees that the workforce also becomes the main customer base; another thing I really don’t like about MLM.

MLM has always appealed to the masses, something I’ve never fully understood. It has to be one of the worst deals there is if the goal is to make decent money without killing yourself in the process.

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Is Senegence An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Because network marketing companies compensate everyone by using a pyramid style structure, they often get accused of being illegal pyramid operations. This isn’t true in most cases.

Despite the fact that I don’t like MLM, I’ll still be fair and honest.

An illegal pyramid scheme is what’s known as a naked pyramid. What this means is that the scheme has no products of any value to offer and relies solely on recruiting new members to keep it running. It’s this new member investment money that pays the profits of current members and the company itself.

Senegence has loads of products that can be bought and sold, and while they do rely heavily on recruitment, they cannot be classified as an illegal (or naked) pyramid scheme.


Target Market

I think the real reason why MLM is so popular is many people want to start up some kind of business, but either they don’t know what, don’t know how, or simply don’t have a lot of capital.

MLM has all of this covered. Everything is set up and ready to roll. All people need to do is buy in for a relatively small fee and they can get started selling and recruiting right away.

That’s the appeal and the target market for these companies, I think.

Senegence specifically is really targeting women with its products, and with the business, but I think men could still get involved too.

Just remember that you are not actually starting your own business if you decide to join this opportunity. You won’t have something you can later sell. If you ever quit, you’ll just simply walk away empty handed.


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What I Like

  • Although highly competitive, at least beauty products isn’t as saturated a niche in the MLM world as the health and wellness niche
  • The company has been going strong for more than two decades
  • You can earn up to 50% profit margin on direct sales (or get yourself up to a 50% discount on products for yourself)


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no income disclosure statement, and that’s not a good sign that anyone is making any money
  • MLM is one of the hardest ways there is to make good, consistent income
  • Likely you’ll annoy everyone you know
  • Many people have complained about the quality of the products, including having allergic reactions
  • This one is quite expensive to join and get started compared to some other network marketing schemes
  • If you can’t recruit on a massive scale you’ll fail, it’s as simple as that
  • The products are typically very expensive for what they are


Senegence Review


How Much Does Senegence Cost To Join?

Okay, so let’s break down the costs to get started as an active Senegence distributor.

First you have to pay $55 as a distributor membership fee. This gets you absolutely nothing, other than earning the title of “Senegence Distributor” (see, you’re paying them to work for them).

After the joining fee you’ll need to spend money purchasing one of the Distributor Kits. These start at $75 for the LIPS Kit, or you could opt for the Glamour Demo Kit for $295.

Now this next expense is entirely optional. It’s for a training package that’s designed to teach you all about the products, how to sell them, how to host demo parties and how to recruit new members.

The Distributor Training Package costs $550 and covers things like:

  • Weekly training online
  • A Senegence replica website that costs $300 a year (are you kidding me?). A replica, duplicate website won’t get ranked in search engines, so it’s pretty useless
  • Registration for some upcoming events (which are free anyway)
  • Training materials
  • And more…

See how absolutely nothing is free when you join these schemes. The company doesn’t cover anything. Instead, they make you pay every step of the way, except to attend one of their sales presentations to hook people in.


Senegence Products 2


Is Senegence a Scam Or Legit?

No, Senegence is not a scam in any way. It’s a legitimate company that has been operating for over 2 decades. It’s just your typical MLM deal, and I think I’ve explained in this review why I don’t much like the way MLM operates.

That’s just my thoughts anyway, even though they are based on truth. It’s totally your choice whether you want to join Senegence or not.

I’d say it would be really hard going to make money with it, but if you did decide to join, just focus on recruiting and climbing those ranks, like I said earlier. It’s the only true way to get ahead in network marketing. Selling products alone won’t really get you far.


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There is no buying, selling and distributing products in affiliate marketing. You don’t have to pay any joining fees or membership fees. There’s no minimum monthly product purchase to remain eligible to earn commissions. You also don’t have to hassle anybody or recruit anyone to have a chance of earning decent cash.

There’s none of that, and your online affiliate marketing gig can be run on a shoestring budget if you want to.

When you do affiliate marketing the right way, you build a website that increases with value over time, because it’s a monetised website. You can actually sell it for some big dollars down the track in many cases.

This is something that doesn’t happen with MLM. You can’t sell the rather useless Senegence replica website. It’ll have no value to a buyer.

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