Best Cash Job Reviews – Scam or Easy $100 a Day?



Is Best Cash Job a scam or not? That’s a question being asked in the Best Cash Job reviews I’ve seen online. The company promises some really consistent and easy money, but it’s also had a lot of negative press. So what’s the real truth?

First of I just want to say congrats to you before we get right into the review. The reason I say that is because you’re one of the smarter people out there who actually does some research, rather than blindly joining something without thinking it through.

The chances of you ever falling for a scam are really slim.

Now read on to discover the whole truth about Best Cash Job…



Best Cash Job Reviews

Company Name: Best Cash Job


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10


~ Best Cash Job Reviews ~



What I really love about the modern world is that I get to enjoy working from home and making more than a fulltime income. I don’t have to go to work and I’m my own boss. The internet makes all this possible.

It’s little wonder then, that so many people are heading online these days to search for new options to make money, do business or forge online careers. The other awesome thing about the internet – aside from offering global opportunities – is that it’s happening 24/7/365.

Naturally the downside to all of this is that the scammers also know everyone is looking to cyberspace for opportunities, and these con artists create fake opportunities just to suck people in and steal their money a lot of the time. We always have to stay aware of this possibility.

And one of the best ways to avoid those nasty scams is to read reviews on make money products and training platforms before we take the plunge and join them. It’s why I write so many reviews on my site, and the main reason I created this site. I want to help us all make great money online while avoiding the scammers in the process.

There was so much talk in online social circles recently about this Best Cash Job scheme, so I felt I just had to do some research on it and write up a review detailing my discoveries.

So let’s now see if Best Cash Job really is any good or not.


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What Is Best Cash Job About?

This apparently is all about being able to make an easy $50 to $100 a day, 7 days a week. So that’s between $350 to $700 per week.

Not bad cash if it’s easy and not a lot of hours involved.

I guess one refreshing thing about the Best Cash Job sales pitch so far is they’re not feeding us ridiculous sums of money, like “make $10,000 a day completely on autopilot”. And I’ve seen that kind of hyped up sales line a number of times now.

Still, an extra $700 a week is very handy money for most people, so it still sounds very attractive in its own right.

To further sweeten the deal, they are even coughing up a $25 sign on bonus the moment you join this online gig.

What they then want you to do is take a unique affiliate link they give every single member, and then you go out and post that link anywhere online you can think of.

This might include things like:

  • On your own website
  • In comments and forums
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other social media
  • And so on…

Now what Best Cash Job are offering here is a $10 referral commission for every single person who joins the scheme through your unique link.

Now doesn’t that sound like easy money?

However, there is a rather significant catch attached to this. In order to get paid out any money you earn, your account must first reach a threshold of $300.

If you compare that to paid surveys and rewards sites, where the average payout threshold is around the $20 mark, $300 is a massive target to reach, even at $10 per sign up.

You’ll very soon discover what the reasoning is behind this very high payment goal.

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How Does Best Cash Job Really Work?

It’s totally free to create your account with the Best Cash Job platform, so there’s no issues or risk there.

You’ll immediately have your account credited with the $25 bonus. You can’t touch it yet, but it’ll be credited.

Once your account is established and you have your bonus, you’ll then get your affiliate link and it’ll be time to start spreading the word with it as we mentioned earlier. Best Cash Job is all about promoting Best Cash Job to others and trying to recruit new members so you can earn $10 a hit.

Basically your new job title will be “link spammer”, as that’s about all you’ll be doing, unless you add a bit of useful content around your affiliate link to make things sound far more appealing. Just dropping links randomly isn’t going to achieve anything, because no one will click on them.

If you come across as a spammer or a pest, you may even get blacklisted from certain social media circles and forums.

Honestly, at the end of the day this is all BS. All Best Cash Job want to do is collect email addresses so they can then spam their members with promotions. It’s nothing more than basic email farming.

All they’re doing is promising all this easy money if current members actively try to get new members. When each new member joins they surrender their email address. “Salary Daily” is another very similar scheme that basically does exactly the same thing. The Best Cash Job platform is also identical to another one called “Dollars True”.

There’s nothing wrong with building an email list, but there is when you spin people bogus promises to do it.J

ust check out the 3 screenshots below. The first is for Best Cash Job, the second for Salary Daily, and the third is he woman's image lifted from the Getty Images stock photo site.


Best Cash Job Reviews

Salary Daily

Best Cash Job Fake Testimonial


Will You Get Paid the Promised Money?

No you won’t.

This whole scheme  is all garbage. They get everyone fired up to share their link so new members will join, and they achieve this by offering what sounds like good money made super easily. I mean, a $25 sign up bonus as soon as you join followed by $10 per lead is pretty enticing for a lot of people.

It’s all a ruse, and that’s the main reason they’ve set the payout threshold ludicrously high. To reach $300 you would have to first refer 28 new recruits to Best Cash Job when you take into account your sign up bonus.

So really, by the time you finally reach your $300 figure (which might take a while), you’ve already sent at least 28 new people to the platform, and that’s 28 more email addresses they can add to their list with no cost or effort on their part.

Basically they know that if they set this threshold high (but not so high you wouldn’t bother) they’ll have plenty of time for people to rope in new members before they request a cash out.

Now when you do finally ask to be paid, based on everything I’ve researched, this is what will happen:

  • Before they’ll release your cash they first say you must sign up for some other offers. This is where they make some affiliate commissions into the deal. The offers might be free trials at first, but they’ll want your credit card details and will start charging you when the trial ends unless you remember to cancel the offers.
  • Many people complain about their accounts suddenly being suspended the moment they ask to be paid.
  • Your payout date will keep getting extended and Best Cash Job will forever be giving you excuses for not being able to pay you yet.

What they’re trying to do here is drag things out for so long and make it seem like too much hassle to pursue the money owed to you. They hope everyone will eventually just give up.

Best Cash Job build their list in the meantime, get members to join other offers, and then never get around to paying anybody.

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What Does Best Cash Job Do With the Email Addresses?

Well, actually they do a number of things. First they’ll be spamming the people joining their list with various offers that they’ll make an affiliate commission on. Just like they get you to sign up for offers when you request a cash out.

The second thing they’ll do is amass really big subscriber lists and then either rent or sell these lists of contacts to other marketing companies.

Either way it’s a win-win scenario for the anonymous person or people behind the Best Cash Job scheme, but a total lose-lose for its members.


Target Market

This scheme is practically targeting just about anybody. I mean, we all love some easy money, and what’s on offer here sounds just like that. Work a few part-time hours, earn $10 a referral, build your account up to $300, cash out and then go shopping.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way. This is just preying on the inexperienced who may not see the red flags, and there are plenty of them.


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What I Do Like

  • Affiliate marketing is very real, but not the way this mob goes about it


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Everything on the website is an outright lie
  • The $25 sign up bonus means nothing if you can’t collect it
  • The $10 per new member you refer also is meaningless
  • There is no easy job on offer here. You’ll just completely waste your time
  • The $300 payment threshold is set very high, because they will get loads of sign ups by your efforts before you even start asking them for your money
  • You’ll just become known as a spammer promoting the link they give you, and all for zero reward at the end
  • All Best Cash Job are doing is growing their email list so they can spam people, as well as rent or sell their list of contacts
  • They make you sign up for offers when you request a cash out, and you’ll keep getting excuses for delayed payment
  • Your account might mysteriously get banned as soon as you ask for your money
  • This same scam also exists under several other different website names


How Much Does Best Cash Job Cost To Join?

That’s about the only good thing this scam has going for it. They don’t actually charge you any money to join.

Unfortunately, there is a chance it’ll cost you in other ways though.

For starters, your time is valuable, and if you get involved in this link posting scam, trying to reach $300, you’ll end up wasting loads of your time all for nothing.

You could end up spending money on stuff you don’t really want if you take them up on the offers they ask you to join when you request a cash out.

And then there’s all the other stuff they’ll be promoting to you once you’ve given them your email address.


Is Best Cash Job a Scam or Legit?

I don’t see how I could label this as anything other than a scam. There’s nothing at all on offer here and no one gets paid any of the promised money for spreading the word about Best Cash Job.

It’s just a way for this place to build their email list and make money from that list in various ways.

If you really think about it, why would they pay anybody $10 for a referral when the platform has no way of generating money?

Nothing is being bought or sold here.

About the only “positive”, if I can put it that way, is they’re not charging a joining fee and conning people out of their money that way. It’s all about getting those valuable email addresses.

Please don’t fall for this or waste your precious time of this complete load of empty garbage. There is absolutely nothing of value here.


This Is How I Make An Awesome Living Online and So Can You!

Lifestyle FreedomNow while Best cash Job has been proven to be nothing but a waste of time scam, there are great – and genuine – opportunities online.

In fact, if you do what I’m doing online you can end up earning a fulltime monthly income without having to work fulltime at it.

Affiliate marketing is what I do. Anyone can do it and make consistent money. All you really need is a good blueprint to follow to show you how.

Let’s very quickly look at just a few benefits of being an affiliate:

  • No money down to get started and you can do it on a shoestring
  • All you need is a computer and internet access
  • Work your own schedule and be your own boss
  • No selling involved, just promote and make commissions
  • Have no ceiling on what you can earn

Of course, this list above is merely a brief snap shot. There are stacks of benefits.

A lot of people do affiliate marketing in their spare time as a way to supplement their main income. I actually prefer it to be my main income earner, because of all the lifestyle advantages.

Here’s another quick list:

  • Live the laptop lifestyle
  • Work whenever you like and wherever you want
  • Build up regular passive income
  • Have multiple sources of income for more security
  • Spend more time with your partner, your kids, your family
  • True freedom is having both time AND money
  • And many more…

Start living life on your own terms and by your own rules.

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I’ve only really scratched the surface in the 2 lists above when it comes to all the advantages of working for yourself from home. Inside my guide I expand on these benefits. Not everybody will know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing either, so I explain how it works as well.

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