Is Go Transcript a Scam? Worth Doing or Give It a Miss?



Is Go Transcript a scam or not? Many people have been asking questions about this transcription company. When you visit the website it sounds like you can make some pretty decent money if you join, but is that for real, or will you end up working for peanuts?

Let’s take a closer look at Go Transcript and discover the truth…



Is Go Transcript a ScamCompany Name: Go Transcript

Owner: Parker Corporation LP

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10



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I’m really glad to see you’ve made it here to my review. It shows you’re smart and do your research before you join up with something. Online these days you have to be careful when you pick and choose.

I love the internet in many ways, especially when it comes to being able to make money online from home. It suits me perfectly and you can access a global audience 24/7 no matter what you’re doing online.

The downside to the internet when it comes to making money is many scammers patrol its virtual waters, offering too good to be true make money schemes, just hoping to snare unsuspecting people and making themselves rich in the process.

I created this website you’re on to help people find legit and profitable ways to make money online from home. I live the freedom lifestyle and I want to help others do the same. It’s the reason I write so many reviews on money making schemes and training programs. It’s reading these reviews that helps people make the right choices.

Go Transcript recently came onto my radar via a post on Facebook. It sounded interesting, so I decided to take a good look at it and write a review on what I found out.

Let’s now see if Go Transcript is any good and worth your time or not.


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What Is Go Transcript About?

My review is aimed at people looking to earn some money by being a transcriptionist with Go Transcript, and not businesses wanting audio converted to text. So let’s dig in and see if there is any money to be made.

Go Transcript is actually run out of Edinburgh in Scotland and first opened its doors back in 2005. It’s yet another company that matches businesses needing audio transcribed, with everyday people willing to transcribe that audio into written words. It used to be known as SpeechoText, but has since changed its name to Go Transcript.

They say they’ve done work for some huge companies, such as:

  • Netflix
  • The BBC
  • New York Times
  • Symantec
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Bose
  • And many others…

There are quite a few of these online transcription companies these days. Daily Transcription is another popular one that I reviewed a while back.

When you land on the “Transcription Jobs” section of the Go Transcript website, we are informed that the average monthly earnings are $150 for transcriptionists. Doesn’t sound like much.

They claim that complete beginners can join and earn money, but as you have to pass a test first before being accepted, some experience, or at least being an accurate typist, will definitely help get you through the doors.

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Is Go Transcript a Scam


How Does Go Transcript Really Work?

The first part of the process is to go through the procedure to be accepted as a transcriptionist. Like I said, technically you don’t need any prior experience, but you do have to successfully pass a test before you’ll be included in their talent pool.

When you sign up you’ll be given a very detailed document that lists all the guidelines and what will be expected of you if you work for Go Transcript. Everyone should read through the document before taking the test.

For the test you’ll use their free transcription tool online, where you’ll be required to transcribe around 3 to 5 minutes of audio into text format. Just follow the guidelines, make sure you’re accurate and you should be fine.

Once done, simply save the file, upload the test to their website and wait up to 10 business days to hear back regarding their decision.

This is an opportunity that’s open to people worldwide, just so long as you have some typing skills and are fluent in English. I believe that native English speakers are preferred, but it’s not essential so long as your English is very good.


What Go Transcript Offers

I’ll just run you through a brief checklist of what Go Transcript say they are offering transcriptionists when you do work for their company.

  • Work from home
  • Reliable payment schedule
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great support base
  • Choose your own projects
  • Improve your skills
  • Enjoy variety of work
  • Keep busy
  • Regular transcription work

That list all sounds pretty good.


Go Transcript Process


What’s the Transcription Work Process?

Basically what happens is you’ll get given snippets of audio to transcribe into text. While you can work your own hours, there will be a deadline for when the transcription needs to be finished and submitted for review.

Your work passes through a reviewer who will proofread what you transcribed. Once it’s approved, then your account will be credited with the amount allocated for the task.

Generally the audio files are not very long, but obviously the longer ones pay a bit more. The deadlines are roughly 6 hours, with a maximum of 10 minutes of audio to transcribe.

If you are really good and consistently produce work of a high quality that is accurate, you may get offered a position as an editor, the person who reviews and either approves or denies the transcription work of others.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

Okay, so this is what everyone wants to know at the end of the day. How much money can you make working as a transcriptionist for Go Transcript?

Well, you’re certainly not going to get rich out of it. And even if you join a number of companies and are quite fast at it, you likely won’t be able to make a fulltime living from it either.

Go Transcript pays “up to” 60 cents per minute of transcribed audio. Now don’t get that confused with being paid 60 cents a minute. It’s per minute of audio that you successfully transcribe. It’ll take longer than a minute and, in the cases where the audio is not that clear, you may be forced to listen to the audio numerous times.

Some audio files pay as low as 30 cents per transcribed minute.

As you can see, you’re not likely to make much from this, and it’s very tedious work after a while.

I’d say you’ll be doing well to make around $1 for every 10 minutes of your time, which comes to $6 an hour. You may make more or you might make less, it just depends on how good you are and how good a quality the audio files are.

The good news is, you get paid on a weekly basis through your PayPal account. If you don’t yet have one, you’ll need to organise one before you start work with this.

If you want to make money online, it’s super handy to have PayPal anyway, because so many places pay people by this method.


Go Transcript Pay


Some Things You Will Need

There are some things you’ll need to make your life as a transcriptionist easier and more profitable. Some are skills while others are tools of the trade.

Obviously the quicker you can type, the better. Also, you really need to be able to concentrate well, work in an area with no distractions and be very accurate.

Native English speakers will definitely be at an advantage too.

Some tools that are recommended are:

  • Headset
  • Foot pedal

The headphones are so you can clearly hear the audio. The idea of the foot pedal is to keep your hands free at all times. That way if you need to pause the audio for a moment, you simply hit the foot pedal and keep typing away until you catch up. Then hit the pedal again to resume the recording.

Go Transcript provide the actual interface for doing the transcribing, and it’s pretty good, even formatting as you type.


Target Market

This is aimed at people who are already transcriptionists looking for more avenues for work, as well as newcomers who want to make some extra cash online in their spare time.

It’s not really a gig that’s going to make you decent, consistent cash, so if you need a fulltime income, then being a transcriptionist won’t be for you.


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What I Like

  • The company has been going strong since 2005
  • Transcriptionist work online is growing in popularity
  • The opportunity is available worldwide
  • You get paid weekly via PayPal
  • You don’t necessarily need experience (although it will help)
  • You can work your own hours
  • You have the opportunity to advance to a position of “editor”, which pays a little more for your time


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • A common complaint is poor audio quality, making it take a lot longer to finish the task, as well as making it harder to be accurate
  • The pay rates are quite low for the amount of time you’ll spend transcribing audio
  • This is not for anyone seeking a decent income
  • The work gets really tedious and boring after a while
  • If you’re not accurate enough you won’t get paid


How Much Does Go Transcript Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Go Transcript to become a transcriptionist for them. You’ll likely need to spend on some tools though, and you really want to have a fast, reliable internet connection, otherwise the audio will keep pausing while it buffers, making the process slower.


Is Go Transcript a Scam Or Legit?

There’s no scam here at all. Transcriptionist work is very real and very common. Go Transcript is a respected and profitable company that has been around since 2005.

The downside really is the rate of pay. It’s a little better than doing something like paid surveys, but the work is likely going to be more intense and tedious, and you are under pressure to be accurate at all times.

I think it’s okay for a little extra cash on the side, but there really are far better ways to spend your time making money online.


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