Kindle Sniper Is a Scam or Not? Can You Really Make $1K a Day On Kindle?



Kindle Sniper is a scam or not? This is a question many authors and others have been asking. It’s a cool sounding name and the creator makes some big promises, but does Kindle Sniper live up to its own hype, or is it just all sales talk to hook people in?

Let’s take a closer look at Kindle Sniper and discover the truth…



Kindle Sniper Is a ScamCompany Name: Kindle Sniper

Owner: Martin Price

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 1/10



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First off, congrats on finding your way to this review. It shows you’re one of the smart people out there and you don’t join anything or hand money over until you’ve researched it first. Likely you’ll never get conned because of that fact.

The internet is truly awesome when it comes to making money and being able to do it all from home if you want to. It suits me perfectly and I know heaps of other people also want to make money online from home.

Another great thing is that the internet is always happening day and night, and we get constant access to a global market.

The negative side to this is the fact that so many scammers also know that millions of people are looking to the internet to make money. These parasites invent schemes that sound too good to be true, and are just designed to sucker money out of others. We always have to be careful.

My website is called Laptop Freedom Living because that’s the kind of life I live. I also want to help others achieve this kind of freedom by helping you find positive and legit ways to make money on the internet. That’s why I write so many reviews of training programs and make money schemes. These reviews help us all make the best decisions.

I’m also an author who has been publishing on Kindle since 2010, so when something called “Kindle Sniper” recently came onto my radar, I just had to look into it and see what it’s all about. I wrote this review based on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Kindle Sniper is any good and worth your time or not.


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What Is Kindle Sniper About?

Kindle Sniper is brought to us by a guy named Martin Price. He says it’s a revolutionary system designed to help people make $1000 a day selling eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle platform. Apparently you can achieve this with just 10 minutes of work.

Not too sure about that last part, being a Kindle publisher since 2010 myself.

Selling on Kindle isn’t a hard process. You just need to write an eBook, or get someone to ghost write one for you, then take a few minutes to upload it, get it approved and it’ll be available for sale. Sure, the upload process might only take 10 minutes, but it’ll take a lot more time than that to write a book, even a really short one. And then there’s marketing and promotion.

Kindle Sniper is actually just a 70 odd page eBook that runs you through the process and gives basic tips on how to make money through selling Kindle eBooks.

It doesn’t cost anything for authors to sell books on Kindle. You simply share the revenue from sales with Amazon. They take their cut and, depending on how much you price your book for, you either get a 35% royalty or a very generous $70%.

I actually quite like the K Money Mastery system by Stefan James. It’s pretty good and teaches you a lot about making money on the Kindle platform.

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Kindle Sniper Is a Scam


Who Is Martin Price?

This guy, Martin Price, the one who has allegedly written the Kindle Sniper eBook system, says he has managed to make more than half a million dollars selling on Kindle, just in one year!

Okay, so being an author myself I’ve come across a few tools over the years. One of my favourite tools is a free one called “Sales Rank Express”. It’s very useful as a quick way to check your best seller or book ranking on nearly all the Amazon sites.

You can check for Kindle sales, print book sales, do author searches and so on.

Now, unless Martin Price is writing under a pseudonym, he doesn’t exist anywhere on Amazon in any country as a published author.

True, he could be publishing under a pen name, by why not use that in association with his Kindle Sniper system so we can look him up and see that he’s the real deal? That way we’ll know he’s someone to listen to if we want to make the big bucks on Kindle.

I can’t find any information on Martin Price at all, so I’m assuming it’s just a made up name to hide behind when selling Kindle Sniper.

Kindle Sniper Income Claims

How Does Kindle Sniper Really Work?

Anyway, whether this dude is really an author or not, let’s see what’s in Kindle Sniper and how it works. It might still offer up some handy titbits of information.

Like I said earlier, this is just a PDF eBook just over 70 pages long and kind of looks like generic PLR content that people can buy, rebrand and resell. The eBook offers up some very basic tips and procedures for creating eBooks and uploading them onto Amazon’s Kindle platform through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Pretty much everything that’s contained in the eBook is readily available as free information with a few select Google searches. There is loads of information out there on publishing from thousands of authors.

Some of what’s covered in the Kindle Sniper eBook includes the following:

  • Researching and selecting a niche
  • Deciding on fiction or nonfiction
  • Choosing a catchy title
  • Designing an eBook cover
  • Uploading your book to KDP
  • Publishing a hardcopy book on CreateSpace
  • Creating a converting Amazon sales page and book description
  • Marketing & promotion methods
  • Getting those all important positive book reviews
  • And more…

The information here is okay, but it’s pretty basic stuff and very generic. There’s no secret tips here to tell you how to create a best seller and start earning that $1000 a day.

I know from experience that you have to be selling quite a few copies to make that kind of money (depending on what your book is priced at).

This Kindle Sniper eBook sells for $37 on ClickBank (sometimes discounted to $27). If it was selling on Amazon Kindle and was priced at say $2.99, then the info it contains might be fair enough, but $37 for this is way too expensive.

Why people think they can sell eBooks on platforms like ClickBank for that kind of cash I don’t know. There are loads of great books on all manner of subjects on Kindle and other retailers, with prices averaging around the $4 mark.

$37? Way too much!

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The Testimonials Are Fake

His basic one page website where you get to see the sales pitch and buy the product, is just as generic and unoriginal as his eBook.

A common ploy to generate sales through trust is to have testimonials on a site, with people telling everyone how great the product is, and how much money they make with it.

Unfortunately a lot of testimonials like this are fake, and that’s the case with Kindle Sniper. Martin has simply hired the services of video actors and producers on Fiverr, the budget friendly freelancer site.

This is super common practice, and over time you’ll see the same faces appearing in sales pitch videos as well as video testimonials.


Kindle Sniper Fake Testimonial 2

Kindle Sniper Fake Testimonial 3


Target Market

This is targeting people who would like to be authors and find a good way to publish their books as eBooks. The pitch makes it sound like the Kindle Sniper book holds some key secrets to sales success, but it doesn’t.

So if anyone were to buy into this thinking there are some gems of wisdom contained in the book’s pages, they’ll be sadly disappointed.

Kindle Sniper is also kind of targeting people who are looking for a money making idea and don’t want to write books themselves, because part of the Kindle Sniper plan talks about outsourcing the writing to freelancers or ghost writers.


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What I Like

  • You can make some money writing and publishing eBooks, whether it be on Kindle, iTunes, Kobo and so on. And it’s fun too
  • There is some basic useful information in Kindle Sniper
  • ClickBank offer a 60 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Kindle Sniper is just an over-priced eBook that sells on ClickBank
  • No one will be making $1000 a day selling eBooks based on the information contained in the virtual Kindle Sniper pages
  • There are no secrets in this book, no hot tips or methods to get onto Amazon’s best seller lists, which is what really drives sales on Kindle
  • The video testimonials are all fake
  • This eBook just seems to be generic, recycled PLR content
  • You could buy a better book on the subject on the Kindle platform itself for about $4
  • I can’t find any information on this Martin Price guy, even though he claims to have made $500k in the last year as a successful Kindle author
  • You can find all this information for free with a couple of Google searches


Amazon Kindle


How Much Does Kindle Sniper Cost?

The Kindle Sniper eBook sells on the ClickBank platform for a massive $37. I say “massive” because that’s an extremely high price to pay for a 70 page eBook these days.

Sometimes when you go to click off the website without buying, you’ll be offered a $10 discount, making the price $27 (which is still way too high).


Is Kindle Sniper a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t classify this as a scam, just an over-priced eBook that offers up very basic and generic information.

The scammy part comes when this Martin guy claims he’s personally made half a million dollars in the past year with what he’s teaching.

He’s not teaching anything new and ground breaking, just how to put a book together and publish it on KDP.

He also promises members will soon be making $1k a day with about ten minutes of work.

Both those statements are also complete BS.

I’ve been publishing on KDP for years. Yes, you can make money, but it’s not easy, and millions upon millions of books and authors are competing against you on Kindle.

All the information inside Kindle Sniper can be found for free online, and this eBook is so not worth spending $37 on.

It’s not a scam, but the guys tells some lies in his pitch, includes fabricated testimonials and isn’t even searchable as a Kindle author himself.

Give this a miss.

Check out my review of K Money Mastery instead.


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