Is Money Map Report a Scam? Can You Really Get $23K?



Is Money Map Report a scam or isn’t it. That’s the question that’s been most asked about this latest finance scheme reported on by Money Map Press. But is any of what they say in their report even true? Is there all this money up for grabs?

I first want to say that I’m really glad to see you here reading this review. What it means is that you’re one of the smart ones. You don’t just fall for the hype and join something without thoroughly checking it out first, and in the online world, that’s always a wise move.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed or waste a bunch of valuable time on something.

Let’s take a closer look at Money Map Report and uncover the truth…



Is Money Map Report a ScamCompany Name: Money Map Report

Owner: Keith Fitz-Gerald

Price To Join: $299

My Rating: 2/10



~ Money Map Report Review ~



These days there seems to be endless streams of money making schemes online. Some are legit while others are not.

I actually make my entire living online, and it’s given me a lifestyle freedom I’ve always wanted. The internet has made it all possible.

With so many options online, it’s little wonder that so many people are seeking out new opportunities that they can focus on from the comfort of home. Anyone can be making money at virtually any time of the night or day because we all have access to a global marketplace.

The problem arises here because all the scammers, con artists and all round dodgy dealers are also online, pretending to be offering something of value to those seeking new options. We all have to remain alert to this.

I created my website to help people discover genuine ways to earn money online, and one of the best ways to find the good stuff and avoid the bad is by reading product reviews just like the one you’re reading now. That’s why I write so many of them.

I kept hearing a lot of talk about Money Map Report and the promises of big dollars, so I decided to research it and write a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see how the Money Map Report rates overall.


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What Is Money Map Report About?

The Money Map Report is published by Money Map Press, which in turn is owned by the somewhat notorious Agora Financial company.

Just do a quick search for complaints about Agora Financial online and you’ll soon see why I label the company “notorious”.

I’ve reviewed a number of products from Money Map Press and Agora on this site, and just a few include:

There are way more.


Is Money Map Report a Scam


Basically Agora Financial publish a whole bunch of financial, investment and trading newsletters through Banyan Hill Publishing and Money Map Press. Each of these newsletters is edited by a known financial figure on their payroll.

Something every sales pitch has in common when it comes to getting people to join these newsletters, is some story about big and easy money, and what sounds like free checks up for grabs.

If you go to this page on the Money Map Press website, you can read a detailed and long-winded sales pitch by Keith Fitz-Gerald, the finance man that brings us the Money Map Report.

Keith claims that Social Security (we’re talking about in the USA here) might owe you $23,441.

Why would SS owe you this? Because apparently – according to the story – tens of thousands of Americans have been underpaid.

This is apparently aimed at anyone over the age of 50 who has been receiving any sort of social security payment, and this “underpaying” has been going on for the past 33 years, according to some unnamed U.S. Inspector General.

Just take this information with a grain of salt, because Agora always sell their newsletters by luring people in with somewhat “fictional” stories of easy cash.

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Who Is Keith Fitz-Gerald?

Keith Fitz-GeraldAs much as Agora Financial might employ some dodgy and misleading sales tactics, the people who edit and offer advice in their newsletters are always the real deal; and it’s the same with Keith Fitz-Gerald.

Keith is considered the Chief Investment Strategist at Money Map Press. A professional trader and market analyst for more than 30 years, Keith has accurately predicted various global financial crisis, and is also considered somewhat of a visionary when it comes to investing and trading.

You can see Keith regularly talking finance on CNBC, Fox Business and CNBC Asia. He has also been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

On the Agora Financial payroll he is the editor of the Money Map Report newsletter.


How Does Money Map Report Work?

Like I mentioned earlier, their sales pitch for this is based on some report that Social Security has been underpaying people for more than three decades, and what Keith proposes he can do is help people get their hands on that money that they’re owed.

The pitch is full of supercharged statements such as the following:

  • Does Social Security owe you $23,441?
  • $3.35 billion returned to taxpayers
  • Social Security sent more than $40 million in checks to dead people
  • Supercharge your Social Security
  • Earn thousands in rent checks each month
  • IRS-Proof your life

And the list goes on.

This is all just a bunch of sales hype based on nothing much at all, and the whole idea is to make it sound like Keith and his team can help you get your hands on all this free money.

But here’s the catch. Before they can lift a finger to help you, you must first agree to pay for a year subscription to the Money Map Report, which is a monthly newsletter offering investment and trading advice.

You see, here’s the thing. All the rhetoric they mention in their sales pitches for their newsletters is very misleading. Yes, there are ways they can help you get your hands on money by following their advice, but it really has nothing to do with being underpaid by Social Security or some secret government loophole or some other mumbo jumbo.

Agora always pitches their newsletters this way. It’s classic bait and switch, where people are lured in believing one thing, only to be switched over to this trading and investment newsletter instead.

The newsletter is not free by the way, and to have a chance of making any money with what they preach, you’ll likely need tens of thousands of dollars in spare capital to invest or trade with.

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What’s Inside the Money Map Report?

This is what everything has been leading up to. Getting people hooked in, then selling them a yearly subscription to this report.

So what exactly do you get with the Money Map Report?

I’ll break it down for you.

Monthly Newsletter – Every month you’ll receive a copy of Keith’s newsletter which will contain his latest investment advice and trading predictions. The reports are quite in-depth, with reasons why Keith likes a certain stock to buy and so on. The idea is to follow his trading advice and make money by picking winners.

Trade Alerts – Trade alerts can come via email or text message. These are more time sensitive alerts that can’t wait for the publication of the next newsletter. It might be a hot stock tip. Or, if you’ve purchased something Keith has recommended in the past, it could be an alert telling you to sell off those stocks.

Weekly Dossiers – These are updates to let you know how Keith’s tips are faring in the market. The weekly dossiers are really designed just to keep you in the information loop between newsletters.

Intelligence Network – This is where you can interact with other newsletter subscribers and share tips and trading advice.

Audio and Video Briefings – These are recorded by Keith and are really just like the weekly updates, as well as rehashing some of what’s contained in the monthly newsletter.

You also gain access to the exclusive member’s area of the website, risk management tutorials and the concierge service.


Money Map Report


Complaints About Agora Financial and Their Services

Do any search online about Agora Financial and I guarantee you’ll find stacks of complaints levelled against them, with the two most common ones being the use of very misleading sales tactics (their BS sales pitches), and investment and trading advice that often doesn’t pay off.

Another common complaint is getting charged for stuff people didn’t sign up for, as well as being charged for upsells that people were not aware of when they first subscribed to the newsletters.

On the BBB website Agora has a very poor rating, and it’s the same on sites like Stock Gumshoe. Pretty much right across the board you’ll find people don’t have a very high opinion of Agora Financial for a variety of reasons.

I'm not sure how Money Map Press manages to achieve an A+ rating on the BBB website with such a poor customer rating and so many complaints.


Money Map Report Stock Gumshoe Rating

Money Map Press BBB Ratings


Target Audience

In reality their newsletters are aimed at traders and investors. However, they try to lure in anyone and everyone with their BS sales tactics.

They always make it sound like everyday people – even people who have no cash – can basically get their hands on thousands of dollars in free money, if only they first subscribe to (in this case) Keith’s Money Map Report.

Only then can the Agora team help you get the money you deserve.

It’s all BS though.

You have to invest and trade to make money with what they’re preaching, and you need a stack of liquid cash to get in the game.


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What I Like

  • It’s possible you could make some money by following Keith’s advice
  • Keith Fitz-Gerald is the real deal


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Agora Financial always use the most hyped up, irrelevant sales tactics to lure people into their schemes and pay to join their newsletters
  • Everything is done on false pretences
  • There are stacks of complaints online about Agora
  • The crap about Social Security underpaying people (if it’s even remotely true) has absolutely nothing to do with what’s being sold here
  • They sell it like a get rich quick scheme, where anybody can get their hot little hands on free and easy money


Money Map Press Complaints


How Much Does Money Map Report Cost To Join?

A 12 month subscription to the Money Map Report will cost you $299, which might be worthwhile if you’re a trader and you also perform your own due diligence to make sure the advice Keith is offering is sound and backed up by other sources.

If you subscribe, your credit card will be billed annually automatically unless you remember to cancel.

There is talk of upsells attached to this, so that’s something else to keep in mind when it comes to price.

And even if you do subscribe, you’ll need significant money to invest with and trade with.


Is Money Map Report a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t think the Money Map Report newsletter is a scam at all, but Agora Financial always use misleading, scam-like tactics to hook people in and then sell them newsletter subscriptions.

To me it looks like classic bait and switch tactics.

I really don’t like the way this company plays ball, and that’s why I never recommend them, even if the information in their newsletters might have some merit.

The real problem here is, how much can you trust the advice you are being given if the company behind all these newsletters (and there are lots of them) lies and tells fictional stories just to get your business?

The editors of these newsletters are the real deal, I’m not questioning them, but I simply don’t and can’t trust Agora Financial to be doing the right thing, or to have their subscriber’s best interests at heart.

Sorry, but I can’t recommend joining this.


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