Home Wealth Business Review – Is It a Scam? MUST READ!



Is Home Wealth Business a scam or legit? That’s a question we’ll be answering in this Home Wealth Business review. This platform really talks up the amount of easy money you’ll be able to make, but is that for real, or just some fancy sales talk to lure you in?

Just before we get right into it, I first want to say congrats for being here and reading this review. You’ve shown that you don’t just join something without sussing it out first, and that’s the smartest way to do it.

Most likely you’ll never get scammed or waste your time on something because you do your homework.

Now read on and let’s discover the truth about the Home Wealth Business money making scheme…



Home Wealth Business ReviewCompany Name: Home Wealth Business

Owner: Brian Thompson

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 0/10



~ Home Wealth Business Review ~



Reading reviews of make money products and training schemes that claim to help people make money is one of the very best ways to find the good stuff out there and avoid the nasty scams in the process.

It’s the reason I write so many reviews on my site, because I created Laptop Freedom Living to help people make money and not get scammed.

The online world has really opened the doors to multitudes of options and possibilities. These days we can all make money from home because of the internet, and I actually have the pleasure of earning all my income entirely online.

Every single day millions of people around the world are looking to cyberspace to make some money. The negative is that all the world’s con artists also know this. They invent get rich quick schemes to sucker people in and take their money, so we always need to be careful what we get involved in.

Home Wealth Business recently came to my attention because of an email I received. It looked like the perfect scheme to do some research on and write up a review detailing what I discovered.

So let’s see if Home Wealth Business is hot or cold.


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What Is Home Wealth Business About?

Would you like to make $3000 a day completely on autopilot?

Well, that’s the basic sales pitch by Home Wealth Business. $3k with no work required. Sounds like a dream deal.

This is actually a reincarnation of an older money making scheme called “Internet Web Biz”. That program is mentioned numerous times throughout the sales video for Home Wealth Business.

Often when an older program developed a poor reputation, the owners will change the name and rebrand the old scheme as something new and start again. That appears to be what’s happened here with Internet Web Biz changing its name to Home Wealth Business.

There is also a reference made to yet another platform called “Home Cash Business”.

Below are 2 screenshots. The first is a testimonial from Internet Web Biz and the second si the same testimonial appearing for Home Wealth Business.


Internet Web Biz Testimonial

Home Wealth Business Testimonial


Anyway, Brian Thompson – who never shows his face in the video – presents us with the Home Wealth Business opportunity. He states that people are making millions of dollars online every day, then takes that statement a step further and makes the claim that ordinary people are actually making millions of dollars with Home Wealth Business.

To make all this awesome cash you don’t need any prior experience, you don’t need any skills, you don’t need to do any work (because it happens on autopilot), and you make all this money really, really fast.

This is the deal of the century.

It also sounds way too good to be true.

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Home Wealth Business Review


How Does Home Wealth Business Really Work?

As is typical of the sales videos of these get rich quick schemes, they tell us multiple times how much money we’ll be making and how easy it’ll all be, but they never actually ever get around to telling us how we’ll be making all this cash.

One thing that is mentioned is when one of the video testimonials plays and talks about a woman making thousands a day with Google AdSense.

All I can say is she must be getting more traffic than Facebook to be earning that much a day from AdSense, which generally pays only a few cents each time an ad is clicked on your site.

This is where it gets really funny though. After Brian shows us this woman who is making all this money with Google AdSense, he later says in the video that AdSense is a complete waste of time and you can’t make decent money with it.

In fact, all the income proof he shows us throughout the video – whether it’s supposed to be his own income, or the income of the people doing the testimonials – it’s all the exact same income proof.

After we sit through the pitch and the testimonials, hear how AdSense is great and then are told it’s not, we’re still left none the wiser as to how Home Wealth Business works.

It doesn’t even sound like Brian Thompson himself knows how his platform works or how it makes money.

It supposedly can make us $3k on autopilot, but Brian never tells us what it is.

Unfortunately this is an all too common story when it comes to make money online scams like this one. If it was something legit then Brian would have no problem revealing a few key details about what it is, what it does and how it all works.

Scams never tell you anything because there generally isn’t anything underneath all the sales hype. It’s just hype to hook people in and get them to hand over their money.

These con artists are masters at pushing the right emotional money triggers and just telling people what they want to hear.


Home Wealth Business 3k Per Day


The Testimonials Are Fake!

Unfortunately this is an all too common practice with these types of schemes. Whether the testimonials are written ones or video presentations, they’re falsified.

Why do they bother to do this?

If their platform is a scam, then it’s highly likely that no one has said anything genuinely good about it. In order to make it appear that people are winning with the Home Wealth Business scheme, Brian Thompson and the team need to create fake testimonials that sing the scheme’s praises.

This makes people believe in it and far more likely to hand over their money.

The fact that the testimonials are fake is also further proof that it’s a scam. These guys have hired actors from Fiverr to create the video testimonials. If their platform was that awesome, why would they need to hire actors to make their testimonial videos?

Check out the screenshots below and you’ll soon see that these Home Wealth Business testimonials are fake.


Home Wealth Business Fake Testimonial 1

Home Wealth Business Fake Testimonial 2


The Income Is Way Over-Hyped

Scams are always guilty of doing this too. They really talk up the amount of money you’ll be making, often repeating themselves over and over. You’re also told you don’t need any skills, will make cash completely on autopilot, and it’ll all happen super fast.

They like to constantly sell you on the money because they’ve actually got nothing much else to tell you. That’s why they go on and on in the sales pitch about the money, the lifestyle, the money, how easy it is, the money, that you do no work, the money and so it goes on…

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Target Market

Generally these make money online scams are aimed at people who are new to making money online, or at least very inexperienced. Newbies are the easiest targets, unfortunately.

You see, the thing is, someone who has more experience with this sort of stuff will recognise all the red flags very quickly and not be interested. These scams have to chase after the people who simply don’t know any better.

A lot of people will fall for the sales hype and the promise of big, easy cash, because deep down we all want that.

The idea of the reviews I write like this one is to help those with less experience see that something’s a scam and not fall for it.


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What I Do Like

  • There is nothing to like about this scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The income is hyped up to the max
  • The income proof is the same shown for every example in the sales video
  • I doubt whether this Brian Thompson guy is even real
  • He never actually tells us how Home Wealth Business works
  • All of the video testimonials are fake and use hired actors to create them
  • Brian’s sales pitch contradicts itself with the AdSense business
  • This scheme goes under at least 3 different names that I’m aware of, and that’s almost always a really bad sign


How Much Does Home Wealth Business Cost?

The asking price to join this platform that refuses to reveal anything about itself is $47.

If this scheme is anything like its predecessors or other similar scams, that opening price will just be the very first charge in a long string of upsells.

Most likely Home Wealth Business is a large sales funnel.

They hype everyone up with the big dollars signs and get people excited. You join up, then get told that in order to make the kind of money they’re promising you now have to buy this or buy that. It’s just how schemes like this operate.

I’ve seen it many times before.


Is Home Wealth Business a Scam or Legit?

Internet Web Biz and Home Cash Business were scams, and this one is exactly the same thing. I’d say it’s safe to assume Home Wealth Business is a scam too.

Nothing about this seems real, from the fake Brian Thompson to the fake income proof and video testimonials.

All we know about this is we’ll make big money very quickly on autopilot and not much else. There are no details whatsoever on what it’s about. Very likely it’s just one big sales funnel designed to extract as much cash as possible out of people while constantly dangling that money carrot that you never get your hands on.

I wouldn’t touch this and I recommend no one else does either.


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